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Tuesday, May 27, 2003  

Keep it simple, will ya, Wachowskis?

Architect: You are here because Zion is about to be destroyed. Its every living inhabitant terminated, its entire existence eradicated.
Neo: Bullshit
Architect: Denial is the most predictable of all human responses. But, rest assured, this will be the sixth time we have destroyed it. And we have become exceedingly efficient at it. The function of the One is now to return to the source allowing a temporary dissemination of the code you carry reinserting the prime program after which you will be required to select from the matrix 23 individuals, 16 female 7 male, to rebuild Zion. Failure to comply with this process will result in a cataclysmic system crash killing everyone connected to the matrix. Which, coupled with the extermination of Zion will ultimately result in the extinction of the entire human race.

sembang kat warung:I discovered The Matrix only a month ago, just in time for Reloaded. I thought it was just another brainless action movie, till I saw it in DVD. The Reloaded was okay,but the conversation at the end, is really a bit frustatingly incomprehensible. I wonder how many Malaysians actually know no nuts what's going on in the Matrix, but publicly claim - "Oh yeah, I've seen it...really nice.... canggih..!" The action and special effects may be superb, but hey, it is the story that is spellbinding, and mind-blogging...i mean boggling.

Reference for comprehension:
1) matrixessays
2) serabut on the matrix
3) ben's entry in IpohTauge

another thing, I don't think we should take the "everyone is a program" theory too seriously. Life is much more complicated than that, God is wise and infinite, life is indescribable, unlike the Matrix.

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I elect to be lazy...
I am currently in my second week of my 5-week elective course. My elective project will only start this Thursday in Bahau. So, I've been lazing around for more than one week. A totally unproductive week in an academic sense, as I hardly touch the books and notes.
But I can't say it was a fruitless week. Here's a list of the things that I did, that can be considered 'meaningful'.

1) Becoming a subject for Piow's scuba-diving physiology study. I had a free session of introductory scuba-diving. It was really fun, though my ears hurt like mad, when I was too stupid to learn to equalise the pressure in my ears when I was 12 feet deep.

2) Having steamboat with my college friends in my room.

3) Going home for the weekend to be with family, and got some very important reinforcements - CASH and toiletries !

4) The wonderful Sabahan coursemates came for a visit. Though I played a minor part in bringing them around, it was nice to show them a bit of Ipoh and my house and my room and my sister.

5) Travelled to Penang with Sharan and Elin, my good pals back in Form 6. Visited USM campus - wonderful place. This is actually my 2nd time in Penang, and this time, I realise that my bad first impression of Penang was wrong. This time around, the drivers are nice, the traffic is smooth, the town and food is great. Had lunch with another old friend, Kay Keat who is now an engineer with Agilent, Penang. We came from the same school, same batch, but boy, while I'm still dependent on my parents financially, this guy is earning thousands. What injustice !!

6) Blogging. ( btw, thanks for the comments on my blog entry below. It's always great to get feedback from you guys. It makes blogging and writing so real, and alive ! )

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Friday, May 23, 2003  

When I look back at my previous entries, I find them awkwardly too political,.. sometimes even offensive. Sigh, I apologise for any feelings hurt for the tauke’s insensitivities.

Perhaps, they were products of impulsive blogging. Sometimes, we are too gung-ho about our opinions, and become proud of it, refusing to seek a balanced view, and enter a state of denial when differing remarks come from critics. This is the normal pathogenesis for any conflict, stemming from one’s arrogance and lack of reasoning.

There are always two side to a story or a conflict. A spectrum of truth and lies, of two extremes, of lameness and sheer strength. At the end of the day, you ask yourself if all the shouting, or the arguing is worth it all. To defend one’s opinion and ideology for the sake of pride and respect, at the expense of friendship and honour…is sheer foolishness. These are things we hardly learn from history, or from God.

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I like orange and black, if i'm immortal, I'll probably save the world,....sleep late at night though I wake up early too, ...that makes me.......
Midnight - You are a deep thinker, always searching
for answers and never quite at home. You are
very contemplative, and enjoy being alone with
your thoughts.

When are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Thursday, May 22, 2003  


I am no fan of MCA Team A, and particularly Dr. Ling. In fact, some of my friends are kind of pleased that he has confirmed his resignation. But, the latest news is rather worrying. If Chua Jui Meng is to be the new MCA president - things will go worse.

Some of you may be deceived by his generally 'good-looks', smooth talking, and annoying moustache. But, you should scrutinise his performance as the Health Minister, and you will see how crappy it has been. So, with MCA under him, things will go worse. I'm quite sure.

Let it be someone else. I am also no fan of Ong Ka Ting, Kong Choy, Fong Chan Onn. All of them, lack the ideals of good leadership. But hey, above all, NOT CHUA JUI MENG, please. For the sake of Chinese, not that fella.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2003  

concluding entry on meritocracy

Many of my friends who visit this blog would not be happy to read my latest entries, because they enter university through matriculation. Now, I want to clarify that the current ikanbakar's attack on Prof Hassan Said al Sahaf's so-called meritocracy is not a personal one, but to point out that this system of intake is just another deceptive tool of the government, to win support from the weak minded. I would prefer the government to stick to the quota system and be frank about the racial discriminative mechanism behind the system than to BULLSHIT to us that we are now using the meritocracy system when actually WE ARE NOT !

Here's Pang's view on this issue

Meritocracy Re-defined

There is a new definition for the term "meritocracy" in Malaysia and don't anyone bother to look up any Oxford or Webster's dictionary. It ain't there. Cos' it's coined by the so-called "Professor" Hassan Said, Head of Higher Education Department, Ministry of Education, Malaysia. Apparently, his view and definition of "Meritocracy" is also supported by the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. From his perception, meritocracy can be achieved under a few different routes of entry into university. Apparently, this Professor of Mathematics feels that the STPM can be compared as equal and identical to Matriculation. Details can be elaborated later. But one can't help but wonder... how can this person be accorded the title of "Professor" when he is not disinterested and his comments non-objective. Perhaps this person ain't a good testimony of "Meritocracy" after all......

Teong says:
Authentic, genuine, and true-to-life blog from Pang here! "Meritrocacy" in Malaysia IS, and is not seemed to be, formulated, calculated, enumerated, and correspondingly conterfeited and forged! Don't you and I know, and everyone knows, that as long as there exists matriculation, which is separated from STPM, merit system is just a nonsense and delusion! Matriculation itself, as what I mentioned in my previous mail, is a clear, obvious and explicit evidence and exhibition of inequality... how can one be affirmed that the quota system is already abolished?! Unless, again, the matriculation is ripped off from the education system...but then, I am confident, if this is the case, you and I will soon be hearing news like "...outstanding performance shown by the Malays in the STPM, therefore, the intake of Malays remains higher than the Chinese..."......and hence "Malaysia's meritocracy" continues to thrive......

the tauke hopes that with this entry, there would be no need for any more blogging about this issue. What need to be said has been said. After all, the tauke can only afford to talk, no power to act.

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Meritocracy or Rubbish ?

To blog about this, it requires thorough reading and research. My good friend, Pang H.C , a controversial but intelligent medical student in UM shall be my guest writer on this issue. He is writing it even as I blog this.

In the meantime, read the following articles from Malaysiakini. ( subscribe-lah kalau belum ! )
1) Merit-based system politicised from the start: critics
2) Revise university entrance selection, says DAP
3) Indian students intake - over to you Samy, says Kit Siang

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Mr Lee Chong Kian - where did you get SARS from? Malaysia or Singapore?

First of all, I have to say I feel for Singapore, how they were let down at the last minute when a fresh SARS case came up just when they were about to be declared SARS-free. Click here for the piece of news

Now, Singapore, according to news yesterday and today, is trying to link the infection to Malaysia, because the victim is a Malaysian and had visited Malaysia prior to the infection. Of course, our Dr. Marican, rushed to say it is highly unlikely. I agree.

I can't help feeling suspicious that Singapore is trying to shift the blame to Malaysia (please pardon my rather shallow opinion, just speculating),and be declared SARS-free, which would mean improvement in economy and lifestyle in general.

Nonetheless, I admire Singapore officials for their honesty in reporting the case, because they were so close to get SARS-free label. A less credible healthcare body elsewhere would have succumbed to the temptation of cover-up. What say you, Lawyer Chua J.M? Anyway, good luck in your MCA EMG.

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Saturday, May 17, 2003  

Hassan-al-Said-Sahaf - our tertiary education PR man - expertise: meritocracy

excerpt from the Star, May 17th
....."Department director Prof Dr Hassan Said, however, noted that the figure was still higher than the 55% under the old quota system.

Speaking on the lower bumiputra intake this year, he said there was no specific reason except that under meritocracy, the number could go up or down depending on the students’ performance.

The spirit of meritocracy has continued to thrive in the country where it showed a competitive increase in the cumulative grade point average (CGPA), which went up for the main subjects compared with last year,” he told a press conference at the Northern Malaysia University College of Engineering administration building here.

Under the previous quota system, bumiputras were accorded 55% of higher education places while Chinese received 35% and Indians 10%.

For the June intake this year, the number of bumiputra students were 23,182 (62.2%), Chinese, 11,921 (32.2%) and Indians 1,931 (5.2%)........"

sembang kat warung:The bullshit time has come again. Meritocracy thriving? To all readers of such news, you better think twice before you swallow those words by our Prof Said, who has, perhaps neglected academic duties for PR in tertiary education. The tauke's junior who is a good student, with 3A 1B in his STPM, and an active student, did not get his choice of doing medicine in UNIMAS, but instead is offered BioTech in UMS by Prof Hassan-alSaidSahaf's UPU. Why give this poor boy something he never asked, when his results can easily qualify him for the course that he wanted. What is the use asking the applicants to fill in 8 choices of their desired course when, hey, UPU can't be bothered with the aspirations of the young ones, - JUST TAKE WHAT WE GIVE YOU - and ALL HAIL THE THRIVING MERITOCRACY !!! -- The results were out yesterday, now, I wonder whether there will be complaints of foulplay coming up these few days. I encourage those who are not satisfied with UPU's offer to make an appeal - a firm, backed appeal to the deans of the school that you want to enter. Back then in 2001, quite a number of my talented friends were shortchanged by the UPU, resulting in many many unfair difficulties caused to them. That time, the quota system was still intact. But if UPU is still shortchanging the talented students under the present 'meritocracy' system, perhaps the Economist need not have apologised for the wrong reporting about the lack of meritocracy in students intake. What's written in the papers, what's heard from politicians' speeches, are just air longkang, if not honoured. Talk what you mean, or just shut up, don't give false hopes to the young ones. Stop the bullshit.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2003  

Off tangent;sembang kat warung: The tauke will take some time off from the warung for a few days, hopefully to return with better, tastier grilled fish to offer.

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Farish Noor's final column

excerpt from The Other Malaysia, Malaysiakini.com.
.......In the end, however, my decision to quit writing is a personal o­ne and it has more to do with my own personal needs than anything else. Four years o­n, my faith in the Malaysian system is weaker than ever. o­n the o­ne hand, we have a political establishment that simply cannot see that it has to reform itself and atone for its misdeeds to the nation; and o­n the other, we have an opposition that has been out of power for so long that it does not seem able to imagine an alternative paradigm that might get it into power..............The cult of leadership - be it dedicated to ‘Maha’ Mahathir or ‘Maha’Anwar - can o­nly serve to rob politics of the moment of contestation, rendering it sterile and subservient to the wills and egos of demagogues and dictators. If reformasi was going to change anything, it was the cult of leadership - that is deeply ingrained in the neo-feudal political practices of this country - that should have gone first. Instead all we have now is a reformasi-variety of the same BN ideology, and the choice before us is like choosing between Coca-Cola or Diet-Cola. Hardly a choice indeed. For many of us discarding the ISA o­nly to have it replaced with other penalties like stoning to death, public floggings and amputations is hardly a change for the better - but it is precisely frustration with a political order that refuses to reform itself that drives people to such extremes in the first place.................And most of all my thanks go to you, dear readers, many of whom have been supportive and appreciative of my efforts and who kept me going all along. There were moments - particularly when I was facing the o­nslaught of the PUM and their zealots - when I truly believed that all hope was lost. Yet the encouraging emails and letters I received from many of you whom I have not met came to me as blessings from heaven. God bless every single o­ne of you, and to you I offer the o­nly thing that I truly possess: my heartfelt thanks and eternal gratitude for keeping this academic going in his private little corner.

sembang kat warung: I really respect this Malaysian thinker, indeed, a gem among the fools in this country, including the tauke. He is very disappointed with the zealots, the political Islamists, the blinded ones,the retard 'reformists', and the ones who worship the cult of leadership - those who cannot stand on their feet to reform what is needed, but instead, choose to derive superficial strength and promises from mere human like Anwar or Dr M. I hope, Farish would come back to UM(he resigned as lecturer in protest of Chandra Muzaffar's termination) to lecture again, at least, to train more thinkers like him, and to stop the rot in critical thinking among students. Let's not lose all hope, Farish....Malaysia, no matter what, is still tanah tumpah darahku

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Monday, May 12, 2003  

Do we need another P3 lab?

A reader wrote in to the Star, commenting that building another P3 lab in the country is just reinventing the wheel, a waste of time and resources. We already have the IMR.
( what is a P3 lab? - it means a lab that can handle infectious diseases classified as P3 - highly infectious, locally non-endemic, and no definite therapeutic agent, yet )

Now, this may not necessarily be a waste. The US itself have many labs. However, what is more important is that the plan for this new lab is not merely a childish and superficial response to the ongoing SARS outbreak, but because there is really a need for this.

But we know many plans are merely of the hangat-hangat tahi ayam nature, including those of our respected Dr M.

Jeff Ooi's screenshots has been enlightening about the JMTM's 8 million scandal, which is yet another example of the poor management of funding and sponsorship by the government, resulting in mismanagement of taxpayers' money. Other examples of bad investment by the government are Rakan Muda, Perak College of Medicine, health and road safety campaigns, et cetera. I heard they want to set up an Al-Jazeera-like TV station. ( I say, you all better improve RTM before talking about having a new channel )

Whatever our plans are, there must be commitment, and sound planning. And this is exactly what most of the government projects seem to be lacking. There is no disciplined maintenance, and no consistency in their commitment. I would not be surprised if Dr M's loud claim about a new P3 lab yesterday which I am sure, is already echoed by the likes of Chua, Ismail Marican, or our deans... would be unheard of after a few months,... especially if the SARS is to be contained by then.

If I am correct, this is yet another simple example of hangat-hangat tahi ayamness of Malaysian decision/policy makers.

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Sunday, May 11, 2003  

Blessings over the weekend
Many good things happen, that will sustain me for the new week ahead.
1) I had a splendid weekend holiday in Port Dickson. The kayaking, the 'waterjet' , the sea, the food, the swim, the bed, the cosy room, the bowling, wow, just marvellous. We thank Prof Ng and family, for their kindness, generosity, and company.
2) Indeed, I thank God for blessing me with friends who really appreciate me. This is indeed a blessing. Even before I came back to KL, a dinner appointment was already set, this time with church friends. Again, FOC.
3) The sitemeter has hit the 700 mark. Hah, really proud. Thanks for coming to the warung, guys !
Also, I want to wish my mom a very Happy Mother's day. Though, I know for sure, this day being called the Mother's day, is merely a commercial gimmick, it is a good idea to dedicate a day to celebrate motherly love, but not necessarily today.

I thank God for blessing me, with an understanding mom, who adores me, provides for my needs more than I ask for, and gives me so much freedom, and respect of my personality and personal decisions.

To all other mothers who have done a great job, Happy Mother's day.

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Friday, May 09, 2003  

I'm tired of this issue, and today Dr M himself joins in the stupidity by calling the magazine stupid. Here's what my good friend, Boon Teong has to say. This is originally posted in Ipoh Tauges

The big commotion again! My say is, Malaysia politicians, especially those in UMNO, should be acknowledged for their dexterity and craft in making small matters into big hoo-has! Because their leaders are being slightly criticised! Somehow, I did manage to read the whole survey done by Lockwood from a copy of The Economist, 5th April issue, not only the online version of "Changing the guard". I have to admit that he had conducted a comprehensive, extensive, and in-depth survey. And what he was perceiving and assuming is nevertheless true and not pointless and baseless. Perhaps, he should be more conscientious in making a statement like "...and the best he (Dr M) can render to the country is to retire, full stop." Assuredly, Mr Lockwood missed out something here. He should have had known that Malaysia politicians are vulnerable and easily disheartened by such a short phrase, which is negative and invalidating their leaders. Notwithstanding, Mr.Lockwood has opened my eyes and I am sure many others too. “Terdapat orang bodoh yang masih lagi membaca The Economist, tetapi saya percaya rakyat Malaysia lebih cerdik. Mereka dapat membezakan apabila majalah itu berbohong dengan perkara benar yang dilaporkan." The "bodohs" will definitely be able to differentiate the "bohong" and the "perkara benar". :)

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Thursday, May 08, 2003  

Just found out from screenshots, that Farish Noor has quit writing, at least , for the local readership. This is not good news. I hope he will continue to publish books, if not writing articles.

Check out Farish Noor's writings - The failure of reformasi thinkers , NST's Cross Currents.
Actually, I would not have started this blog, if I hadn't read The Other Malaysia by Farish Noor, which has reactivated my appetite for writing, and interest in political and social issues.

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Wednesday, May 07, 2003  

Under-qualified students will be shown the way out of foreign medical schools, thanks to MMA, the Education Minister and the help of foreign embassies, according to the local dailies today.

My question is, how do we define under-qualified?

Now, the issue of medical education is very dear to me. For years, I have been talking, analysing and criticising the Malaysian medical education. Some of my colleagues and ex-classmates are already bored with my frequent dissatisfaction with the way we are managing the training of future doctors. First of all, are we to say that merely by fairly good SPM and STPM, matriculation results, one is deemed qualified for to join a medical school, train for 5 years, and then zam-zam-ala-kazam.. one becomes a doctor, entrusted with the heavy task of caring for the sick?

I cannot help but notice that every year, students who are really not qualified to do medicine are enrolled, just because they passed their STPM, matrics with flying colours. There are no longer interviews held to get to know the applicants before they are accepted. Yes, they may be very good in science and maths, but if this is the only case, why not let them be great scientists, and mathematicians. Again, I can't help but notice that some of the current medical students would have done so well in engineering and maths, because they are really good in those stuff.

Medicine, is different, there is an artistic side of it. In fact, a huge chunk of medicine is about the art of practising. So, the importance of language, humanity, and ethics enter the picture. Now, from my observation, many many top scorers hardly appreciate what is ethics, what is humanity and many also are not very good in English.
Of course, many, if not all would eventually graduate as doctors, but what kind of doctors?
The aspirations in the philosophy of medicine would hardly be appreciated by them.

So, who is under-qualified? In my humble opinion, being smart is not enough. After all, it is widely agreed that one does not need to be smart to be a doctor. Some of those with lesser academic merit, does not necessarily would become lesser docs, the fact they are willing to spend so much, and go so far, means they are strongly motivated, and do not choose the easy way out, and do not give up easily.

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coding problems
You all should know by now, that I customise this blog site through trial and error, and cutting and pasting codes here and there,... in short, I'm still an infant when it comes to programming, even though html is supposed to be relatively easier. sleeksexycat has pointed to out to me, that the link section on the right is a bit out of shape, or rather out of proportion. Thank you for pointing that out. Since I included the response-o-matic's feedback panel in this section, it sort of like expanded...
Can anyone give me some pointers here? I don't mind showing you my codes, if you email me or comment over here... (is this what we call Open Source? haha..) ed- the tauke just found out that anyone can see your codes, thanks sleek, from the view source... sigh.... how ignorant of the web..
So, I would really, really appreciate if the smarter ones out there would help this poor boy ?
But then again, it is not something serious... haha, in the meantime, I shall enjoy blogging all the same....

additional: thanks sleek for your pointers, but still, can't understand the language much.... maybe anyone can see my source codes and point out the error? ...thanks in advance....
this entry will be deleted as soon as possible

update May 8th - looks like the problem is rectified, it's yet another stupid coding mistake. Decided against deleting this blog, I shall let it remain in the blog for posterity

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Tuesday, May 06, 2003  

after a month of ikanbakar business, the tauke is reviewing the warung's accounts and profitability...

blogging madness
It is crazy really, that the tauke is taking time off his study plans just to blog and surf for hours in the computer room. The tauke realised the possibility of the satisfaction he would have in blogging, when he saw so many interesting blogs around, especially those by Malaysian bloggers. It has always been his wish to publish his thoughts and writings. Before blogging, he can only do this by writing to the papers or calling up the radio station. A few years ago, the tauke spent ringgits talking to Raymond Goh, on air in TalkRadio. Now, all that the tauke needs to do is blog ! and it is free !!

The first entry was dated April 6th. That means the warung is exactly one-month old. The initial product was so dull, actually, paled in comparison with other more established blogs. There were no feedback system, no links, no pictures, no nothing - because the tauke is illiterate in programming language. But the learning curve has been impressive. The tauke can now work some small magic - by changing colours, adding pictures, adding links, installing feedback system and traffic analysis. The satisfying thing about all this, is that the tauke learned and did it all by himself.

profits and losses
+ the satisfaction level is great - to be able to publish your thoughts for free. To be able to pretend as if you know and think alot. To know that people are reading your blog. ( the warung gets about 25 visitors per day, albeit relatively small, is motivating enough for the tauke). To meet interesting bloggers in the net, most of them computer genius, writing gurus and comic enthusiasts. Being able to reactivate the old business of advertising and media management is very, very pleasing to the tauke.
- too much time is spent on the warung. The tauke has mismanaged his priorities, having neglected God, friends, and studies. The addiction is apparent.

Is it merely hangat-hangat tahi ayam for the tauke? Well, yes, the tauke is a fickle-minded person. He can never be too sure about his future inclinations, but certainly, as long as the warung gets customers, the blogging sensation will continue. Nonetheless, the tauke shall be training in Klang for 10 months starting December this year, and the tauke expect to get no fast internet connection there. So, perhaps. the tauke would blog like mad for another six months? , before taking some time off , for good.

wernicke and broca
The other blogs and Farish Noor's writings have been inspiring and stimulating to the tauke's thinking glands. The tauke is grateful to Blogger for the free publishing service. Indeed the internet is a generous place. Every feature that the blog has is because of the free services available on the net, like villagephotos, klinkfamily,response-0-matic, sitemeter, etc.

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Monday, May 05, 2003  

Kit Siang and friends on air
Now, let me clarify again that I am not a DAP member, in fact I have a few viewpoints that differ from DAP. However, I am always supportive of hardworking opposition parties that are not merely talking, but really getting down to work. I was already impressed with the DAP website that looks good and has good content, and now, in conjunction with World Press Freedom Day, DAP has launched DAPRadio.
I am impressed, and looking forward to hear from Mr Lim K.S. , Miss Fong P.K ( the MP of my home area-Menglembu), and others. DAPRadio is a good example of utilising the internet for beneficial use - to expand the availability of alternative press to Malaysians. From this radio, one can hear speeches ( from events and parliament ) of DAP MPs. We all know how rare it is for mainstream media to feature them and to air their views.
The challenge now, of course, is to maintain this webradio, and make further improvements to the webradio to optimise its efficacy as a trustworthy and interesting source of social and political information.

I call upon Malaysians to support this new venture of DAP, by taking time to tune in, and provide feedback. Syabas, DAP !

Click at this icon to hear

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Sunday, May 04, 2003  

Everytime my uncle comes back from KL, I can expect to see him carrying a copy of The Edge. So, thanks to him,I have become acquainted with this publication for a long time, and I notice that The Edge is improving and expanding.
I may make The Edge as one of my frequent reads. It's not merely a weekly for business and investment stories, but it provides a good feature on other colourful aspects of the Malaysian picture. One can get good insights in politics, home-living, the arts, and social life of Malaysia, with writings from the best Malaysian writers and thinkers, like Karim Raslan, Pat Teoh, Phar Kim Beng, etc.
The price tag of RM 3.90 may be a bit pricey for a student like me, but hey, even a plate of ikanbakar kembong will cost more than that. The good writing, design and content makes The Edge a good buy.
Surely, people would start questioning me, "why you buy The Edge? You play shares one ah?". Maybe I should just smile, and nod.
I certainly would recommend it to anyone who is tired of the stereotyped local dailies and magazines, but certainly for someone who cannot stand business talk. Click here to see the online version of The Edge

Women barred from Long Bar
I found a funny story from the Options section of the Edge( May 5th). The traditionalist still rule in the Royal Selangor Club where a watering hole called The Long Bar is still closing its door to females, together with pets. Certainly, some women are voicing out their displeasure, including the writer of the article that exposed this story. Nonetheless, it looks like things will remain status quo.
A male member, Richard Curtis said this: If you don't like the rules, don't join the club ! ( well, it makes sense...)

sembang kat warung: I think it is ethically okay to set up an all-male joint. There are just times when guys just want to be with guys, no matter how desperate the male species are for the affection of women. I myself have organised a number of supper gatherings/yum-cha session and lepak activities that involve only guys. The most recent one we had was the Bachelor's night held in my room last Valentine's day. If, we opened up that night for girls also ( if there are girls wackily willing enough to join us), it would have been a very different occasion, where we can hardly celebrate or lament about our singlehood the way we would want to be - loud, rude, and full of crap. Therefore, the act of barring women from certain things does not mean sexual discrimination. What the club can do to silence the critics and kill the fuss, would be to open a women-only section.

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Friday, May 02, 2003  

Once again, it is the F1 weekend, this time in Spain This season, beginning from last race in Imola, my colleagues and I have come up with a prediction/bet game of the first 8 finishers. I was cocky, and I entered my predictions even before the qualifying session. But I predicted correctly about Michael Schumacher’s win, and about Raikonnen and Barichello. So, this time , I am going to predict before the qualifying again.
Here’s my list of top 8 finishers of the Spanish Grand Prix
1. Michael Schumacher( I don’t really like Ferrari, but…. )
2. Raikkonen
3. Coulthard ( it’s time for this guy to pull up is socks, and get things right)
4. Alonso
5. R Schu
6. Barichello
7. Heidfeld
8. Fisichella
Crash: Webber ; Villenueve ; Wilson

Click here for more F1 news from Yahoo Sports

All the best to the Petronas Sauber team !!

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From Jalan Gasing to Jalan Lahat

I thought I would have to miss the online world for 5 days, when my PC refused to start yesterday. I came back to Ipoh for the Worker's day weekend, my PC is my only way to blog and surf.
Thank God for Alex Tian, who helped me fix the problem. I wonder how much the PC shops will charge for a simple battery.
Mr Tian is really someone extraordinary, humble in appearance but full of philosophy and theories, and not at all without reason, but believable and makes you think. Provocative. So, really, in this world, there are geniuses, in different aspects and different playing field. Alex Tian is special in his own way.
It is good to be back home, though I am always under tremendous pressure to spend my time wisely whenever I'm in Ipoh, to optimise time for family, friends, and own studies. Otherwise, I would return to PJ feeling so unsatisfied.
But so far, I think it has been a good time back here, having met friends in New Horizons, Kooi Fatt, and also Ding Hsin Ju, the guy who now speaks with an Aussie accent.

To all visitors of Warung Ikan Bakar, thank you for visiting !.

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