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Sunday, December 28, 2003  

There a few kinds of people

Someone who boasts about his small achievements, bring down work of others, and claims to be one of the great people in this world, actually have little substance. Example: Prof. K

Someone who talks nothing about his achievements, but just concentrate on proper teaching and guidance, are the ones who need no paper proof of their greatness. It is obvious to his students. Example: Prof L

Someone who would never learn from his careless mistakes, of losing handphones, losing wallets, losing girlfriends, losing chances, losing time, losing keys, losing this and that....and continue to lose and lose and lose and lose and lose. A loser.
Example: Fooji

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Thursday, December 18, 2003  

Dear friends that I love,

It is the Christmas time again. And the end of the year again. There are many reasons to rejoice and also lament for what have been going on and had happenned throughout this year.

Regrets, and triumphs here and there. In my personal life and around the world. Of some private disasters and love stories to the war and capture of Saddam, of impending doom to the world, and the bright hope beyond it....

Whatever it is, God has indeed given me yet another indescribable experience with Him and without Him in 2003. The fact that I am still cheerful, interested, confident to continue the walk and the work proves that God is blessing me richly.

In the season of Christmas, many would take the opportunity to celebrate and to 'sin' with style, while many of the faithful ones would remember and celebrate the birth of Christ into the world, marking the return of our souls back to God's bosom. For me, to thank God for Christ is a every-day thingy, and not just in the Christmas season. However, a festive season like this, is good to renew ourselves in God, and also for a good family and friends getting together kind of thing.

This year, it would not be really a time of relaxation and rest. I do have a day off on Christmas day, but then it would be work again till New Year. However, thankfully to the Chongs, I think I am going to have a great Christmas nevertheless.
To my friends, I want to wish you -

Merry Christmas, and may God give you a blessed new year !!!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2003  

Goodness! Boon Teong screwed up a heavenly great opportunity!

I am still regretting over what I did a couple of minutes ago before I reached here, my faculty's lab. I woke up a litter bit earlier than usual, around 9 to 9 something. Awaken by my sister's call from Ipoh. It seems that our PC back there in the quiet city is in crunch again! Sigh! It is old.

Never mind that. After all, I had already planned to wake up early to go the post office and send a Christmas card to my good friend in Australia. Hence, I was there in Perdanasiswa compound doing and finishing up all my formal tasks for the day. It was still early then. Therefore I decided to take a stroll at the Pekan Buku, where I came upon an article entitled "Americanization of Toyota".

It took me about half and hour before I made my move. As I was walking back to the car park at the library, I saw the back of a girl. Familiar. Yes but couldn't be her I told myself. At that moment, I kept on recalling the look of Rachel, whom I admire and had just seen once before this.

I was jokingly reminding myself "Nah! This aint Rachel! Can't be so coincident to be able to meet her here. If the girl in front of me is really Rachel, I have long invited her and fetch her back to faculty. Not purposely after all because I am going there also!". I continued my nonsense reasoning, this and that, and following at the back of the girl until I got into my car.

I left the parking slot. Looked back. Damm!!! It is really Rachel!!! I was like... gosh! fuming over my stupidity! There flies my "lifetime" opportunity! Arghhhh! I am pretty sure that she is not going to reject my offer if I were to ask... just ask alone will do the trick... and she was alone lah Boon Teong!!!

The moral of the story is don't try to make jokes or fun of something. The impossible that you always think can be possible. Recalling back what my housemate told me once "Chance knocks.... but once.... why wait!"... hahaha... shall I cry?! or shall I see from another different perspective... hey, I am finally able to confirm my first impression on Rachel... she is sweet... so much to ponder...

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Sunday, December 14, 2003  

Hello, this is my 2nd official post from Klang, and the first in Warung Ikan Bakar.

Now, my PCM stint continues with a 3 week posting in Klinik Kesihatan Bukit Kuda, Klang. Today, my job is really funny - I am in the registration/Triage counter, and most of the morning I was doing registering and looking for patients' records. The funny thing is that my fellow clerks there call me 'doktor', I said,'Panggil saya, Foo', but still they call me doktor,...but then again, why would some doktor want to do recording and registration ? Anyway, it is a good experience. Ben, not boring la, but relaxed la.....over here, we do not have a 4th year, it is now and final year next...somehow, we lost a good 6 month of clinical work. I wonder if this new breed of UM graduates would be a pale shadow of their predecessors.

I had a good weekend. Spent at least 7 hours reworking on the business plan with Kar Kin and Teong. Tiring !!! And you know what, later that night, I met Hafiz bin Tumiran !!! Somewhere at Damansara Uptown. He told me Yasnul is back from UK. Now an engineer.

Ben, a futsal match reunion among the Form 5 guys would be a good idea. I have proposed before that we do a football match in ACS field, but somehow this suggestion was shot down. In Taman Megah now there is this futsal centre, about Rm 5O an hour. Think about it.

I have so much to comment in IkanBakar like the capture of Saddam, the latest stupid decision by EPF, the stupid implementation of National Service by Musa and Najib ( I knew it!!!!) , the postponement of MMC-Gamuda project, the new pair of glasses of Badawi, and all that.....so much to say, but I think I'd better use the spare time I have to sleep and to write some love letters,...hahaa.....leave the comments to better ones like TV Smith, Jeff Ooi, etc.

Till I have another time again before the lunch time ends,...here's Fooji saying..."Enjoy Petaling Jaya..it is the best place in Malaysia,...Ipoh too...!!!!"

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Saturday, December 06, 2003  

Goodbye.. Till We Meet Again
Wishing my great buddy and fellow tauke, Fooji, all the best in his 10 months clinical in Hospital Klang. May you gain a lot of wisdom from it. God be with you!

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Friday, December 05, 2003  

When Kah Jin gave me the book 'The Gift of Pain' last year for my birthday, I got the blessed chance to know about this doctor who have seen it all, done it all, and deeply anchored in his faith in Christ. He is none other than the late Dr. Paul Brand. In his books co-authored by the remarkable Phillip Yancey, one especially medical and science students would be deeply encouraged and awed by God's love and brilliance in His creations. (Just last week, I bought 'Fearfully & Wonderfully Made' for Ai, and 'In His Image' for myself, got a very good bargain from Glad Sounds.)

It was only when I tried to google Dr Brand out that I found out that he has passed away in July this year, due to complications of a subdural hematoma. Well, he has indeed fought the good fight, and finished the race.

Now, I am very inspired to work on going to Vellore, India for my 4th year elective next year. Mom was very supportive too, unexpectedly. At least, I can work and live in the place where Dr Brand, the leprosy champion and hand specialist once served as a good teacher and doctor - the Christian Medical Centre.

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Thursday, December 04, 2003  

Are you past the burnt-out stage, my fellow bloggers?

Click HERE for a very good description by Tim Yang.

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Tuesday, December 02, 2003  

Till the final week of November, I was a very proud good bachelor. Now, still a good bachelor, but not so proud anymore. Sigh...

Anyway, today is the 3rd of december. I remember writing something about it on the same day 5 years ago. Very stupid of me, but it is worth reminiscing about it,.. it goes like this:-

it's december third,
my hair's still short
it's december third,
and my eyes had not dried,
and life goes on incomplete

it's december third,
and things seem so meaningless
it's december third,
i wish that a miracle will surface
it's december third,
albeit my life's still incomplete

it's december third
i'm still lying so flat,
it's still december third
my mouth's tightly shut
it's december third
i'm still standing here,
knowing that I will be incomplete

it's december third
and I simply felt hopeless
it's december third
i still can't gather my thoughts
it's december third
and I am still standing here
knowing that the past's not returning again

it's already december third
i still haven't forgotten anything
still haven't done anything
so when it's december 3rd,
i'll be thinking of you

Very stupid, I know but today's the birthday of my first major crush, err..i mean second...
Happy Birthday to you, lady !!!

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