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Monday, January 26, 2004  

The latest GLOBAL virology challenge - Bird flu 2004

This is the time for Malaysians and people elsewhere to apply what they learnt from the SARS outbreak, that is to be CALM, not PANICKY, co-operative, NOT Selfish, NOT foolishly FEARFUL, and to read up before spreading information.

The Health Ministry MUST NOT venture into another DENIAL GAME. I hope Ah MEng, our lawyer Health Minister would finally understand. As Indonesia and Thailand, our close neighbours are affected, we are at HIGH risk.

Public health authorities and the media must do a very good job.

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Four rules to end Klang with a Bang!!! in Cantonese

1) Ng Pa Chau - Not shy
2) Meen Pei Hau - Thick face
3) Ng Geng Yan Lau - Do not fear anger ( in consultants, in patients, in sisters )
4) Kin Sik Gou, Ji Sik Go - Good knowledge, good exposure

It is a begging day everyday,..that is the only way to learn and make the full use of Klang Hospital.

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Friday, January 23, 2004  

So which year are you in now?

Houseman already ar?

How many more years?

So, you getting allowance?

Why Klang hospital,not UH?

So, you ward round every morning?

You getting allowance now right?

So, you got cut dead bodies ar? Scared or not?

You studying medicine or making medicine(pharmacy)?

And the ultimate one: So, which field are you specialising in?

THe favourite questions relatives ask. Not that I mind though, just that I wish I can record my answers and play them every year...

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Thursday, January 22, 2004  

SEX – a Satanic agent or a GIFT from dear God ?

Some nasty people of this country has committed sex crime of its worst degree. No further elaboration needed. It brought shame to our country, raised an uproar, but in the end, the sin remained a sin, no justice, no retribution, divine or not, could undo the damage, reverse the deaths.

Rape, molest, pornography, adultery.

Ban the Mariah Carey concert, PAS say, but the sexually suggestive songs remain at the No.1 slots, equally suggestive movies and series are on air , sex VCDs easily available, and the internet is heaven to many sex addicts.

So sex is associated with sin, sex causes crime. But is sex solely associated with the devil, the Syaitan? Sex is an agent of sin, a popular reason for crime? Satan’s tool for ruins and atrocities for this world?


Sex is God’s creation. It is meant to be beautiful, the peak of intimacy between two lovers. It is part of a beautiful romantic relationship between the husband and his wife.

But we have perverted the purpose of sex. Wrongly interpreted, and abused. Satan is merely sowing the seed of disobedience, of rebellion, of the animal instincts in us. The way Satan tempts one to steal, is the same way he tempts one to rape. Sex is just a favourite avenue for Satan to create opportunities to breed sinfulness and disobedience among man, against God.

Unless we accept the wrong way we understand sex, and unless we honour sex as something beautiful, a gift from God, sex crimes and sexual sins would continue to be the no.1 in Satan’s files.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004  

Thank you, Uncle Kwok Mun !!!

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God's ways can be a jungle of riddles
His plans can sear the heart of unpreparedness

I ache and I question
under the cloak of pretention
of adulthood, of good decisions

Yet, the tears shall dry
God will lead the pace
He will provide,
the answer in the end,
either the gracious exit
or the sweet union

God be our Helper

excerpt from one of Fooji's love emails

Happy birthday Li Yien, my ex-classmate, my UM-mate, my sister in Christ, my beloved friend.

God bless you a good 23rd.....hahaha....feel old already???

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Wednesday, January 14, 2004  

I am an eligible voter now!

Yeah.. I have been waiting for this day, to know that the electoral inventory has been updated. Now, I can fulfill my responsibility as a warganegara Malaysia to cast my vote, though my status is just pendaftaran baru, which stands for new registration. Whoaa.. I can vote I can vote in the coming election.. =)

Anyway, I noticed some changes in the constituency. Supposedly, my DUN is under Buntong but now the name is Kepayang. My parliamentary seat remains unchanged - Ipoh Barat. I assume that they have redrawn the boundaries of constituencies in Perak.

Anyway, if you guys want to check ur status, go to this site

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Monday, January 12, 2004  

HOW do you KNOW you LOVE someone ? - someone whom I love deeply asked me that.

I was at a loss for words to answer that. How do I describe the feelings so profound inside in WORDS ?

Anyone can help me?

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Wednesday, January 07, 2004  

Bodek journalism

"with knowledge and experience, I can do the job" or something like that, that's what the Jarjis guy said about his new appointment as Consumer Affairs and Trade Taiko. I wonder if he is enhancing the complicated piracy war. I wonder if MPPJ and the Police will want to work with him.

Newspapers nowadays are getting more tasteless than usual. How can they even praise Najib so much, and not even air any complains about his appointment as DPM? I am sure there are tonnes out there still disgusted by the Badawi's latest blunder. And did you all notice that the papers have so many photos of his ugly wife? Yucks.

We are in serious need of real and new talents in the administration. NAJIB should never be allowed to NAIK the PM takhta.

Maybe it is time, to vote for the opposition. DAP to beat MCA, UMNO to fall....

The hoohaa on the Cabinet reshuffle is nothing la - Samy Vellu should be OUT, Chua Jui Meng should be sacked (if they want a professional in MOF, then let there be healthcare professional heading MOH, not a Chinese lawyer!!).

The only amusing thing is that Yassin is now head of pertanian - a very important job but less glamourous, definitely for anyone ambitious. I think this ministry needs a professional too, not an UMNO politician busy on gaining votes and maintaining popularity, and searching for money under the table.

The only good thing about The Star now is the Calvin and Hobbes section.


Suboccipito-bregmatic diameter, breech, Turner's, The Saint, Sister Wong, .... ward politics, and PR skills....all needed in my 2nd month in KLang. Phase 3A, despite being badly organised and structured, gives us a new experience each day. Good and bad. The only regret is that we had wasted our time in Phase 2 foolishly.

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Tuesday, January 06, 2004  

and I thought Badawi was smart..................

Najib is BAD NEWS of the new year.

Considering migration or let's just hope he doesn't get re-elected. Don't ask me why I don't like him, my pure political instinct is telling me Badawi just made a stupid mistake. But then again, there are not many good choices around.

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Sunday, January 04, 2004  

There are nice people around......

Yeah, there are jerks and there are losers. I have been complaining about my own unworthiness, and a very good friend of mine, a beloved sister Jun Ai reminded me that God created us and said that it was good (Genesis 1:26 ?)
So, if God said it Himself that we are worthy, why do we bring down ourselves? Why do we condemn ourselves? We are created in Him, by Him, and for Him. Therefore, we are worthy.

I am really touched for the past week, the year-ending week which has been a blessing.
I thank the Chongs family, especially Jun Ai for their love, and support and for their kind welcome to their house
I thank the church in PJ for a nice year-ending gathering. WOw, it was the first time, I got so close to a fireworks display!!
I thank Boon Teong for being sooo nice and generous about the phone. TGIF it must be, one day..... can bring others but I am only paying for you, ahahaa!!!!!

I thank my friends who are caring and sensitive to see the frown and cheer it up....

I thank the bloggers who dropped in their wishes and sweeties in my previous post. You guys really cheered me up, this ailing tauke !!!

GOd bless you all,....

and Kar Kin, let's give the AMTB guy a sweet smile, just to spite him,....hahaha....

Chee Hoe

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