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Friday, February 27, 2004  

Restless in Klang

well, it is one of those fridays over here in Klang. PJ seems unreachable - the jam on the Federal would be pretty bad, and the weather seems only perfect for some lazy reading on the bed.

It is one of those fridays when the next day, I have a Saturday tutorial, and the inner debate whether to clerk more patients in the wards or declare a studying weekend, or worse - a lepak-party weekend.

It is one of those fridays when the phone does not seem to get rings from the right person.

It is one of those fridays when the lightest textbook seems heavy.

It is one of those fridays that I wish I could spend it in good old 6th college, so that I can walk to church for Bible Class instead of.....getting stuck here in this messy place of Selangor.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2004  

Ah Meng should LEAVE

the Malaysian healthcare system, and the political scene.


1) The OBVIOUSLY impotent, dysfunctional funding of treatment of chronic diseases, and him not having the guts to admit his ministry's impotence.
2) The FOMEMA fiasco Jeff Ooi tells you why..
3) The history:- pre-Badawi-reprimand SARS handling, the dengue outbreaks, ( for more reason, let's go for teh tarik with Pang and I)

Thumbs down for Ah Meng. I hope he leaves the parliament seat for good when it is dissolved soon.

Ah Meng's no.2 visited Klang Hospital the other day. I wonder what was the occasion.....

It is time for a NEW Health Minister, and a good one.

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What do you know about stroke? Tell me the about the dry and wet type

Dr. Foo asked.


I said as I tried to look unintimidated.

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Thursday, February 19, 2004  

what kind of medical student are YOU ?

Dr. Foo asked.

The stupid and lazy one.

I could have answered.

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Sunday, February 15, 2004  

Seng Go Jue Mak Gam Ge Yeong.....

oh yeah..............

Looks like things are getting right, finally, in the government. The Badawi administration, despite Najib being in it, is earning my respect day by day. I just hope Eric Chia doesn't get assasinated before this August, before he can expose bigger fishes, and maybe they should investigate this TAK NAK campaign. RM 50 million to kill an industry that is worth millions in this country.

Why don't just ban smoking, and ban cigarrettes. Too sayang to lose the revenue?

Maybe this TAK NAK campaign is just another gimmick of high-profile advertising headed by the so-called media guru Lim Kok Wing.

Ah Meng, the lawyer health minister should reconsider his public health strategies.

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Friday, February 13, 2004  

an Old friend

gave me a Valentine's call at midnight. And we had an exclusive 'interrogation' of matters of the heart in each other. It is nice to know there is a place for a warm, comfortable close platonic friendship between us.

Sometimes, we can be so restless and yet wanting to guard our secret thoughts so much, it is comforting when someone, whom you trust that you can share, comes along or calls .

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Tuesday, February 10, 2004  

Looks good, huh?

There are still something to be proud about, besides some good teachers, huh?

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Monday, February 09, 2004  

Jika you belum tau....

"Virus genetic materials from two fatal cases in this cluster – sisters aged 23 and 30 years – have now been fully sequenced by the Government Virus Unit of Hong Kong’s Department of Health. Both viruses are of avian origin and contain no human influenza genes." updates from WHO, 6th Feb 04.

Glad to hear that.

Chicken - safe or not???

Read Lower demand after bird flu scare puts poultry industry in turmoil.

I have blogged earlier that in order to mitigate the adverse effects of the bird flu outbreak, we must not be panicky, be calm and always refer to facts. Now, I have yet to really sit down and munch on the facts before me, but I think so far, the chances of one getting infected with avian influenza by eating well-cooked chicken is almost non-existent.

Go ahead and eat !!! Most of the time, it is the 'kiasi'ness and ignorance, and jumping to conclusions that make the flu virus an uglier menace. And we ourselves created such a mess. Kesian our farmers,...buta-buta kena tutup kedai, just because some chickens up north in Vietnam, Thailand and down there in Indonesia kena infected. If this is the principle that governs our diet, there are not much left here on earth that are nice and safe to eat.

Please correct me if I got it wrong.

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Tuesday, February 03, 2004  

H5N1 - IT has started !

Last Saturday, I told Ai that there is not much to worry as long as the virus does not make a species barrier jump. The Sunday times in Singapore confirmed human cases in Vietnam, which entirely made my assurance of safety to collapse immediately.

Current updates by WHO:

1. The Ministry of Health in Viet Nam has today officially confirmed three additional cases, including one fatality, of avian influenza H5N1 infection in humans. (3/12/04)

2. Confirmed Human Cases of Avian Influenza A(H5N1) as on 3/2/04
Thailand 4 Cases 3 Deaths
Viet Nam 13 Cases 9 Deaths
Total 17 Cases 12 Deaths

Now, the next 'milestone' for this outbreak would be for the virus to mutate into a form that can cause airborne infection to other humans. It would be a disaster. Probably worse than SARS.

Today, most of my colleagues here would be skipping the Epidemiology class this afternoon. At a time when the importance of public health could not be overemphasised, it is pity that the learning and teaching process of the subject over here in UM is rather stale, and unexciting. There is a gap of interest and perspective between the teachers and the students. It is a pity, really. Public health is actually so darn relevant now.

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Choa Chu Kang, Geylang, heartache and the pre-O&G exam weekend getaway!!!!

Point 1:
The long weekend, thanks to Aidiladha monday break, was spent in Singapore. I got the honour to drive from Ayer Keroh to JB, and then later, to drive around the lion city. From Geylang to Chao Chu Kang, to learn a thing or two, to realise that my heart is not actually generous, of its potential to ache in jealousy.

Point 2:
Looks like the early optimism has become the bed of aggravated pessimism. Maybe I took someone for granted, and was overconfident of that someone's undivided devotion. Maybe I am not used to secondary attention, or not being the lightbulb in that someone's joy, but the role was passed to someone else, swifter than I am mentally prepared to. Thus the heartache, thus the renewed passion to blog.

Point 3:
Looks like the box of sweetness has become a potential container of my pains. Looks like the aspirations that claimed victory in 2003 could be the menace that would break my 2004. I pray and pray earnestly to God, to guard my emotions.

Point 4:
Really, to be really wise, I should be caring about what is obstetric diameter, the different kinds of pelvis, the management of postpartum haemorrhage and the contraindications of IUCD, and NOT some immature jealousy and devastation pains regarding the matters of the heart.

End of posting exam, this coming Friday afternoon. The medical nerds finished theirs today, and should be going for a deserved 5 day break. Good, it is time to be quiet and study. Pray for me.

Wardrobe malfunction

That is a rather intelligent word by Timberlake in explanation of his STUPID act on stage, that uncovered Ms. Jackson's right boobie. Are there no better song to sing, no better singer to sing, than to resort to an idiot to provide entertainment to the spectators? What is this world thinking?

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