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Wednesday, July 07, 2004  

Tauke shall disappear for a while.....

Hmm... I hope this hiatus call will be a genuine one unlike the previous ones that did not happen, especially when blogging is too fun to leave behind.

Yeah,blogging is still fun so I shall be blogging somewhere else(different readership, different issues, different focus) while I take some time off from this warung, which has indeed been saturated with issues that could hardly be solved by my criticisms, thoughts or suggestions.

Here's why:-
- The big shots idiots hardly listen anyway, especially to a small-fry blogger like me
- Malaysia, although still 3rd world in many ways, is quite a nice country.
- so, before I make cornier blog entries, I better stop! Hahaha...

Moreover, there is a new range of fascinating Malaysian blogs that have appeared on the PPS and elsewhere, that I should spend more time reading blogs than trying to add to the local blog volume. When you have nothing better to say, just shut up and listen huh....

Well, whatsoever, it has been nice to have your readership and your feedback. It was nice being the tauke of the warung.

See you all at some other time or insome other blogs!!!

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Tuesday, July 06, 2004  

What is a Gubernaculum?

The surgeon asked.

I forgot.

Sorry, I am not the ideal student that represents UM's so-called standard of excellence.


But for my consolation, I remembered it has something to do with the testes and the inguinal canal. Well, maybe that's because the surgeon was doing an orchidopexy that time.

It is time to study hard again. Will try to convince myself to close this warung for good.

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Monday, July 05, 2004  

Take a break from criticising, yeah tauke!

Submitted by: sharan
Email address: -n/a-
Subject: IkanBakar warung

Comment: until two weeks ago i was part of teh larget majority that looked down
on the police force...thinking taht they could do nothing right and can even
manage to screw up cases taht shoudl have been slamdunk from the get go
(read:noritta). however, the last two weeks have been a real eye opener. i met
people who really worked the system, and i found that incompetence corrupted
very few of teh group of officers i have had teh pleasure to meet. this
practical session in cheras has opened my eyes. maybe we should be less
judgemental and less critical about our own royal malaysian police. they are
good. really good at what they have been trained to do. just because a small
blood percentage of small fry police wannabes screw up the system does not mean
taht we should look at teh ENTIRE force with coloured lenses.
maybe its time we gave critisism a break and speak proudly of what our country
has to offer.
but then again we'd never know until we join the system and see with our own

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Friday, July 02, 2004  

Before IkanBakar,

I actually created this first,

and then I forgot my password and decided to start all over again. Fooji.blogspot.com isn't what I really want at that time.

Now, I am thinking of moving on to a new private personal blog after this warung business. And I want back the fooji name.

Anyone can help?

*I cannot believe that I actually can come up with a name like - The Unspoken Milieu. Must be inspired from Prof. WS Lee.

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0801 02/07/04: My sleepy feet just started for the bathroom when my topless room mate came back from breakfast, and said,

"Aza sent me an SMS: VIVA GREECE! you think Greece won?"

Cannot be.

Met Asrof in the bathroom, "Asrof, ada tengok semalam?"

"Takda. Tapi Greece menang. 1-0"

"What the SH**!"

Otto Rehhagel's miracle continues....,
but Portugal must stop this miracle !

It was fun to see Greece made it all the way to the Semifinal, but it should end there. Anything beyond including lifting the cup isn't good news anymore.

Cukup la, Greece ooi!

| |fooji made noise at the warung at 2:28 AM

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