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Saturday, October 30, 2004  

What if…

What if I chose to accept the Singapore scholarship instead of the over-rated UM? (Would the glory of NUS outweigh the “what if I chose to do medicine?” burden?)

What if the hospital payphone actually got me through to the High Commission and they were gracious enough to allow me overturn my decision?

What if I had put Kubang Kerian or Kota Samarahan as my first choice?

What if I had told her first before the onslaught of KL guys?

What if she was already sending green light, I was the only one blind enough to see it as RED?

What if I had said no to Alan 7 years ago?

What if I was placed in H block instead of D block in first year?

People always say, never leave things behind and end up thinking about the “what ifs”.
Still young, but I already got a handful to think about for the rest of my life.
And it’s not very nice.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004  

Please help: I cannot log on to Blogspot.com

Since moving back to KL campus, I have not been able to access to any blogspot.com sites. I cannot get it from wireless connected PCs, from the library computers, from those in the comp lab. Apparently other people elsewhere are getting them, and I am deprived of reading my favourite blogsites.

Anybody can give me the explanation for this?

I am still able to access to blogger.com and post my blogs, just that i cannot view my own blog after that. And I need to go to haloscan.com to view the comments posted.

Please help.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004  

Mahasiswa tempatan dicengkam, menara gading dirogol

Keadaan sekarang di universiti tempatan memang menyedihkan.

Mungkin pada yang tidak kreatif, yang tidak ambil-peduli, jenis yang tidak dinamik, jenis yang tidak mengenal benda lain daripada buku, keadaan sekarang adalah seperti biasa sahaja.

Pihak Hal-Ehwal Pelajar di hampir semua universiti tempatan seolah-olah lupa bahawa menara gading itu bukanlah sekolah menengah. Mereka ingat penuntut universiti masih perlu lagi rotan, masih perlu lagi diawasi ketat seperti budak sekolah diawasi pengawas. Diskriminasi politik, agama dan kaum berterusan, dan semakin kurang sihat dijadinya.

Menara gading telah dirogolkan maknanya. Kini, kerana Timbalan-timbalan Naib Canselor di sana-sini begitu ghairah menyokong kerajaan sehingga bertindak kurang adil kepada mahasiswa yang berfikiran kritis dan yang berani menyoal kejujuran dan tindak-tanduk kerajaan.

Menara gading telah dicabuli keceriaanya. Tidak lama lagi, yang dianugerahi dan disukai cumalah mereka yang cuma pandai menjadi Pak Turut, yang tidak berani bersuara lantang. Mahasiswa yang lebih kreatif, yang kritis bukan sahaja akan diketepikan malah akan dihukum.

Universiti tempatan, jika dibiarkan begini, memang tiada harapan. Lebih baik, berpandangan jauh, pergilah cari peluang menuntut di menara gading lain yang benar-benarnya dapat memberikan suatu suasana yang memberangsangkan untuk memupuk minda yang tajam dan kritis, untuk memupuk peribadi yang menarik dan mulia, dan penuh integriti.

Saya cuma menunggu waktu dan hari sebelum saya juga akan dimangsakan oleh HEP.

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Thursday, October 14, 2004  

Moving out of Klang

Beginning next monday, the 2001/2006 batch of 4th year med students will make a return voyage via the Fed Highway back to home hospital, after parasitising Klang GH for a good 10 months.

Everyone here in Klang has had his or her ups and downs - of terrorising and inspiring moments, as well as nighmarish and memorable experience as clinical medical students in this humble little hospital of the Kementerian Kesihatan.

This hospital, recently in the media limelight for the wrong reason (air-cond problem, sewerage, etc.) has been a good host to us UM students. This is certainly the hospital where we all...
1) hear our first murmur - and everyone has their own interpretation, a case of Emperor's new clothes
2) palpate the first liver - and learning not to shout "HUGE!" in front of patients
3) felt the first hernia - leaving some E&E moments for a few female students
4) palpate the first breast lump - realising that it actually quite easy to be professional with something that other normal guys are obsessed with
5) observe our first vaginal delivery - and decided it is not worth it - giving birth
6) and proud to say, that all these we all manage to do, without inducing lawsuits and without outright kiasu-quarrels (despite some subtle, private, in-room or notice-board bitching about kiasu colleagues)
7) and yeah, all the couples survived the Klang period. No confirmed new couples though.

We learnt how it is like in a MOH hospital, where all kinds of cases, - from dengue fever to sinus thrombosis, from Miller-Fisher to snake bites, from chlorox poisoning to hypoglycaemia. It is unlike UMMC, where things are more complicated in a more advanced setting.

This is perhaps, undeniably, the most important year so far in medical school.

All the best to my colleagues in your 3rd MBBS professional exam !!!
Study hard, and let's enjoy the badminton courts while there is still time.

p/s: and of course, some of the nurses aren't bad looking either !

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Tuesday, October 05, 2004  

Warung.fiction: Badawee to ask all politicians to blog

5 Oct, Putrajaya: PM Badawee is expected to make a late evening announcement today to all cabinet ministers and ARMNO politicians that they would have to sign up for an account in Blogger.com within one week and start blogging faithfully beginning mid-October.

"This is part of my administration's dedicated effort to reach out to the masses. With all my men keeping a daily blog, the people would be able to read about their daily struggles and duties as politicians and ministers. These new blogger-politicians would also be able to share their thoughts of wisdoms and dreams for Malaysia in their own blogs,"said PM Badawee over a phone interview.

"All of them would be instructed to use white and blue as the colour theme. All my cabinet ministers must have a link to Khairee's blog and my blog. They should also have a logo and link to ARMNO's website. I think this would be a good idea as the internet now is littered with overzealous bloggers who allowed comments that hurt the religious and racial harmony in this country. I am confident internet users would be swayed to these new blogs by my boys, and those of rogue bloggers like Jeff Ooi would lose readership."

PM Badawee would also be launching his own blog this Friday at Menara Telekorm. The blog would be named, "Me, Myself, Malaysia and My son-in-law". Google Ads was reported to be offering the PM 50 000 ringgit in advance for advertising space.

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