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Wednesday, June 29, 2005  

A It's a BIG challenge

To be ethical
To be polite
To be fearless

even when you are tempted, scared, angered to turn the other way.

Let's be BIG, think BIG - act with BIG faith and a BIG heart to be the greatest human being we could possibly be, in God's point of view.

B Can you name the Top 10 story books
that medical students should read?

My gorgeous colleague Li Mian who used to blog in colafish.blogspot.com would really like to know how people out there would respond to this question.

But I told her I don't have enough readers to want to entertain this.
Can prove me wrong?

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Monday, June 27, 2005  

sutra dara
dara citra
citra warna
warna kerla
kerla kama
kama sutra

sutra dara
dara citra
citra warna
kerla kama
kama sutra

Proton dipotong
dipotong isa
isa digantung
digantung lesen
lesen kereta
kereta Proton
Proton dipotong

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Thursday, June 23, 2005  

Nazri should be punished too, just like Sothinathan!

Sothinathan went against his Barisan.

Nazri used 'Bloddy Racist' in his vulgar speech.

But then again, are we anak Malaysia doing things on a RACIAL BASIS?

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005  

Medical degree farce - Student ratio and Racism

I cry for the mess the medical custodians and politicians created for us.

Student ratio, my BIG FAT KAKI!

From the Hansard...
Datuk Dr. Abdul Latiff bin Ahmad (UMNO- Gombak/Deputy Health Minister): Tunggu dulu Yang Berhormat. Saya tengah syok ini. Ekoran daripada tindakan tidak ambil tahu ini, kita dapat maklum bahawa ratio di antara pelajar dengan pensyarah sudah sampai 1:8. Dan, jika suasana ini berlarutan, oleh sebab ada elemen perniagaan, lagi ramai student lagi bagus, ini lambat laun akan menjejaskan kualiti graduan-graduan yang lahir daripada institusi tersebut.
Kedua, .....

Tuan Lim Kit Siang: Ya, mengenai teachers-student ratio. Bukankah benar
untuk Univesiti Malaya, untuk clinical bukan nonclinical di mana untuk clinical lebih
kurang perlu, untuk nonclinical Universiti Malaya adalah kumpulan satu lecturer kepada
15 pelajar dan itu alternate days, yang bererti satu kepada 30 in real terms
. Apa
penjelasan? Ini dalam Universiti Malaya – Perubatan, yang premier universiti, teaching

Datuk Dr. Abdul Latiff bin Ahmad: Yang Berhormat, saya ingat tak betul, saya
datang daripada Universiti Malaya.
Tuan Lim Kit Siang: [Menyampuk]
Datuk Dr. Abdul Latiff bin Ahmad: Masa saya.....

I refer Datuk Dr. Abdul Latiff bin Ahmad to Professor Amin, the UM Dean or Professor Christopher Boey, Co-ordinator of Phase 3B for exact student-lecturer ratio.

I have never attended a class or teaching session with one lecturer and 3 other colleagues. We may have enough lecturers to make it 1:6, but we all know lecturers take turns to teach, so it has always been about 10 students at least in one go.

So what is the fuss all about student ratio?

IT is a Childish, wishful-thinking criterion of judging quality.

I am sorry for my CSMU friends (who enrolled after assurance of recognition 4 years ago), who have worked so hard and paid so much to achieve their dream to be a decent medical doctor, and got shot in the foot without a solid and valid reason. Only those enrolled from January 1st 2005 would be not recognised.

Read here and here for more details. Read the Handsard (page 101-128)for the heated argument about the derecognition of my Crimean counterparts.

I totally agree with the importance of guarding quality. But are local universities ourselves taking in quality students?

Latest thoughts on this issue:
1) MMC is sincere about quality.This could be a right decision
2) Grace period was probably given to CSMU, and there was really elements of money-making.
3) However, when it comes being custodians of quality, MMC should look closer into the quality of our students. Let us begin with our own student ratio and why are we derecognised by GMC? Honestly speaking, a few of my final year colleagues really disappoint me in their attitude, enthusiasm and integrity. Bluntly speaking, they bring disgrace to UM.

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Monday, June 20, 2005  

A Catching up with June

This month has been unusually eventful. I had offers for missionary work, social activities, musicals, bible studies, wedding, 'family' time, et cetera. All of which I lethargically feel like rejecting. This 'social and spiritual inertia' is stealing away the potential magnificence of the month.

B Clarissa on scholarships
In response to my entry on the current trend of guaranteeing scholarships to top scorers, Clarissa has this to add:-
Guideline should also be clear on what the scholarship is for
(1) should it be given on merit regardless of socio-economic background? Meaning even if you are a privately-schooled kid with 5 porches as home and an annual trip abroad, if you get xx number of As, you get that scholarship. Even if it means just more money to buy a car or rent a luxury apartment.

(2) Needs based.

THis is especially pertinent with regard to scholarships allowing you to go overseas. What is the criteria for selection? Why are they being sent abroad for? Should people, who already have the means of paying their way abroad, still be given scholarships? Or what?

I believe in staggered scholarships because it actually allows more people to benefit. Meaning, those who can afford it, depending on the parents earning (or something similar) may not actually be paid living allowances, or given partial scholarships... In this sense, those who have worked hard for it get a sense of not being overlooked because they a little more than middle class. But in the end, it has to be more than SPM to evaluate the intellectual ability of these students because frankly speaking, I don't think it is the best evaluation criteria.

Anyway, I believe, at the end of the day, it is what you make of your opportunities. For many middle-class students I have witness who had gone abroad and come back, I have not seen that their lives are much better than mine (except that they have a few years overseas experience which I obviously don't) in the sense of achievements. In fact, many disappear into the blackhole, living lives as ordinary as the next person on the street.

I think if you have been given the opportunity, you should achieve more and do more than the ordinary person like me who is to lousy in exams to ever get a scholarship. This is because God has given you the gifts more plentifully.

C Bohtea on Academia Dilemma
Read here further.

D Malaysian TV
I discovered a rather refreshing site that promises greater content for Malaysian TV, at least in cyberspace.
Check out - http://malaysia.tv

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Monday, June 13, 2005  

This post-merdeka institution claimed to have a 100 years history of establishment, and arguably academic excellence.

Yet, some of us critical ones have known for long of the insidious malignant disease it is suffering from.

Now, while it is celebrating its 100th year at this very moment - let us not be blind towards some unflattering news about this ailing institution.

1) Dr Edmund Terence Gomez claims the country’s foremost university is riddled with problems such as favouritism in academic promotions, monitoring of e-mails and tampering with examination marks - Malaysiakini

2)University becoming a police state - Malaysiakini

3)Nation in Crisis - The world on the other side

4)Cry with me UM - The world on the other side

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Saturday, June 11, 2005  

Selamat Hari Jadi


Ennie dan Poongundran.

May God bless you old folks!

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Friday, June 10, 2005  

Scholarship Guaranteed?

Jeff Ooi's "Higher Education in Crisis" series has reached into its 17th entry today. This probably confirms that we are in deep trouble when it comes to managing our higher education. The latest fiasco is of course, the ANNUAL GRIPE for not being offered scholarships. (In a month's time, I can assure you that there will be an ANNUAL GRIPE for not being offered MEDICINE in UM).

Nik Nazmi helped point the right direction if we are to further discuss on the awarding of scholarships to these smart young people.

"First, I do think that all high achievers should be given the chance to attend the scholarship interview. Beyond that, obviously their performance in the interview will become a factor along with their academic results and other extra-curricular achievements. But a proper and transparent guideline must be published so that students who truly deserve scholarship should not be overlooked." - Nik Nazmi.
Read more.

In summary, here are the tauke's thoughts on scholarships.

1) Being a top scorer would of course qualify you for an interview in contention for a scholarship. Rightfully, naturally so.

2) However, being called for an interview does not automatically mean you will be selected as a recipient.

3) Otherwise, the interview would be redundant.

4) Nevertheless, it would be lovely if JPA could produce a set of guidelines and criteria, even tips for interviews for future hopefuls. This would set a clearer standard for excellence and confirm that it is not all about grades that qualify you for taxpayers' money to study abroad.

5) JPA scholarships should be reserved for those who are committed to serve in the public service. Otherwise, why call it PSD or JPA scholarships? I know of people are offered JPA money to study but they work in the private sector right after graduation. What for?

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005  


It is June. So what's new?

The police report so far is none other than idealistic recommendations and statements confirming all the weaknesses of the police that we already know. Terence Gomez is out of UM, much to the surprise of academics overseas, but probably just another sad story for Malaysian students being too used to the idiocy of local administrators of academicia. MCA is set for some trivial political struggles that benefit no one. UMNO is playing with mud about money politics, UMNO youth is as usual - the trivial and overemotional political wing lacking in genuine vision.

Probably, the only good news this year so far is 'Doktor Tambah Gaji'. Other than that, some say the latest change in PAS leadership augurs well for the making of a stronger, vote-able opposition. I may agree. Malaysia is in desperate need of a palpable force in opposition of the BN government. In other words, we need a new government ASAP.

Anwar Ibrahim, no matter how much some of us dislike him (for his ultra-BM stand and extremist stand in younger days, not the 'sex crime'), is probably the best bet to give us some hope, just like how Luke did to the ailing Rebellion. So I googled him, and here are some worthy read about him.

1. Anwar agrees to lead coalition - Bangkok Post,7/6/05

2. Breakfast with a Reform Character - Financial Times, 3/6/05

3. Anwar and friends strike out at Malaysian malaise - Taipei Times, 7/6/05

4. Malaysia's politics - The Economist, 3/6/05

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