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Friday, March 31, 2006  

Ipoh! Ipoh!

I just came back from The Three Degrees Concert at Sunway City, Ipoh. When Vick Teo (2nd runner-up of Malaysian Idol) replaced “New York” with “Ipoh” in the song New York, New York, it sets the tone for the night – dedicated to reenergize Ipoh City.

It was a RM 100 complimentary ticket, I went because I did not want to waste the ticket. But the Three Degrees concert was so superb, really beyond my expectations. I had good fun, although the Ipoh crowd should be more energetic and get down to dancing.

The chief organizer (Ipoh Events), in his speech, lamented that it has a been long time that Ipoh has disappeared from the events map at national and international level. Being a city that always sleeps where young talented people always leave for bigger cities when they finished their secondary education, Ipoh has a lot to catch up.

The concert tonight shows that Ipoh has lots of potential and room for improvement. And the noble aim of Ipoh Events to organize an international music festival in Ipoh deserves much respect and support. Ipoh should be more than just a place for good food. Ipoh people are very talented, but unfortunately they always contribute towards greatness of other cities like KL or Penang, even Singapore.

With more events such as musicals and concerts, attention should return to Ipoh. Business opportunities and jobs should then be created in this city. Bigger city folks should not see Ipoh as a small quiet town anymore, youngsters should return to Ipoh after their studies. Ipoh, then, would thrive.

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Thursday, March 30, 2006  

Who is the new Vice-chancellor of UM?

I am quite sure that for every academic/members of the public/student who opposed to the non-renewal of Hashim Yaacob’s tenure as the VC of UM, there will be another two who would welcome the decision with renewed hope for the ailing premier institution. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. While Hashim Yaacob’s strengths in certain areas are undeniable, we would really like to do away with his style of leading UM academicians and students.

Whoever the next VC is, man or woman, should be someone who despises nepotism and curry favours and above all, respects the true meaning of education and purpose of a university, and understand what is genuine success and knows what it takes to re-position UM in the globalised world.

Universiti Malaya is in need of resuscitation.

Fasa Baru, Benda Baru!
This transition period between campus and working life is finally taking shape. The first 3 weeks after passing my exams has been blessedly full of celebrations and quality time spent with my sweetheart, while currently I am back in Ipoh for a not-so-extreme makeover!

I am going to get new stuff for myself – a new car, new clothes, new shoes, new internet connection (streamyx!), a new watch, et cetera…

The 9th Malaysia Plan
Whatever the plan is, we must not forget the most basic things that make a country thrive – The government of Malaysia should wake up and be smart enough to realize that no plan is a good plan without proper revitalization of our EDUCATION system, our HEALTHCARE system, and PUBLIC transport system, among many other things.

All the best, Badawi’s team ! Time is running out for you to prove your worth.

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I got Streamyx!!

!Finally, my humble home in Ipoh will be connected to the world via Streamyx! My little sister promised to share the cost!

Kedekut little brother huh!!

So friends, with such good internet connection (i hope!) maybe the medical textbook tak jadi la..haha..!

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Monday, March 27, 2006  

I am going to write a TEXTBOOK for medical students

I left 6th college and my medical school last week. There is a void, and since my holiday plans are on hold, I have a lot of free time.

Maybe I should write a book for young medical students, that is not threatening, easy to read, from the tauke's point of view.

Cocky, huh....

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006  

Say NO to DOOR-To-DOOR marketing...

Whatever that sales agent say, no matter how convincing, how good the deal,
how attractive....switch off your GREEDY gene and SAY NO!

It is a legitimate scam. I know of someone who had painfully lost thousands after buying products from this company because of a chance to win a Perdana or Kancil. In the end, all he got was an electronic stove!!!

These sales agent are really good con-men, so before they say anything more, SHUT the DOOR!

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006  

Syukur puji kepada TUHAN

I passed my MBBS examinations. I even hugged the Dean.

I thank you all for well-wishes, prayers and for being so confident of me.

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Monday, March 13, 2006  

Put your investment in God's hands, and trust Him that he will give you the best, even though it could be acutely painful

Chee Hoe, be strong!
be strong!

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006  

Menunggu masa

sudah lima tahun
rambut mula putih
mata sudah rabun

lagi dua hari lebih
ku mahu habiskan
pelayaran ini

ingin tukar kapal
sebagai tanda kehadapan
ingin tukar gelaran

sudah lima tahun
masih lagi pelajar
masih perlu wang bapa

lagi dua hari
tapi sebenarnya dua jam
apakah bacaan selama 5 tahun
tak setanding lidah orang
hanya untuk dua jam?

ingin kutukar kapal,
kumahu tukar gelaran,
kumahu sertai golongan pekerja,

bukan lagi pelajar semata-mata
merdeka dari duit bapa

ku berdoa!

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Monday, March 06, 2006  

Of Oscars and Oil...

CRASH won Best Picture, I am happy. Soon, then the comments that Oscar voters were not being fair to the supposedly better BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, just because they are still not comfortable with gay-themed movies.

I have not watched the gay show yet. But I have watched CRASH, and it dealt convincingly with the issues of racism and human behaviour (evil and divine) in Los Angeles, and anyone who watched it can identify it even to my dining hall of Sixt College, Kuala Lumpur.

So, if MOVIE A is dealing with issues of RACISM, and MOVIE B is talking about gay love affair, I think MOVIE A should receive a bigger applaud, because at the end of the movie, the audience did not just cry sobbingly, but may start talking about what is bothering them about other races. Do we need to be comfortably accepting homosexuality into mainstream acceptance anyway?

I think we should make discussions about homosexuality into a mainstream issue, but not making homosexuality as a normal sexual preferrence. The issue is very real, but not an issue to be celebrated.

I think CRASH deserves to win, not merely a politico-socio victory handed by the supposedly gay-shy Oscar voters.

While we are at politics, the Malaysian government is at it again, making fools out of Malaysians and changing the sensibility of economics and meritocracy in exchange of enriching the undeservingly rich. Digi lost its 3G bid to some Vincent-Tan untested outfit, while an increment of 30 sen is not supposed to burden our lives. The government SHOULD IMPROVE THE PUBLIC TRANSPORT SYSTEM FIRST, before increasing our oil price. Why is it so difficult to make a decent public transport system for us anyway? If we have SAMY VELLU who can successfully remain in power in MIC for so many years, which definitely take a lot of capability, to helm the WORKS ministry, why are we still paralysed in transportations until now?

If we can build PUTRAJAYA in record time, and willing to spend billions of ringgit, why isn't the PUBLIC TRANSPORT system given a greater priority? Is there no other way to save 4 billions of ringgit - such as selling loss-making national bodies like PROTON and MAS? Do not talk about national pride if we do not have pride in our education system, no pride in our public transport system and no pride in our politicians.

I hope my pro-government examiners would not be reading this. My clinical examination starts tomorrow.

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