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Saturday, October 28, 2006  

On a Sunday afternoon such as this...

I feel the need to ban motorcycles in this country, because a huge population of motorcyclists just cannot ride their bikes safely.

Compound fractures of metartarsal bone, compound dislocation of the little DIP joint, compound 3B fracture of femur, brachial plexus injury - all these unnecessary orthopaedic complications from motorbike accidents.

I say, ban motorcycles, build proper public transports from the funds that was meant to purchase their motorbikes. Then, probably, the orthopaedic wards would have at least 50% reduction in occupance.

Think about it, dear ministers.

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Saturday, October 21, 2006  

Frequently asked Questions
and the standard answers....

1. So how many more years of government service?
about 4 years

2. How many years of being a houseman?
1.5 years or 18 months

3. How long you have you been in the service?
About 3 months

4. Are you going to specialise? In what?
I have no idea.

5. You work in shifts?

No. I work everyday from 7am till 5pm if not on call on normal days, till I finish ward work about 11am on public holidays, and if I am on call, the whole day and continue till the next day, a 36 hour stretch.

6. Are you doing okay?

Yeah, I think so.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006  

Milestones :- Kebahagiaan dan kejayaan

dan cabaran yang berterusan...

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