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Wednesday, November 15, 2006  

A matter of life and death...

I am moving on to Obs & Gynaecology, starting this Friday. This is the most feared and dreaded posting for any house officers in my hospital. Doctors have quit the profession or begged for transfer because of the hell-like experience in O&G.

Which makes me all anxious about it and dreading the possibility of making fatal mistakes, being overpressured, having no or little time for family and wife-to-be, spending Christmas, New year and CNY 2007 in the labour room.

But then again, I shall look upward for strength, reach out my hands for guidance, and be very very humble yet confident.

Sweekheng, I will need your help!

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Thursday, November 09, 2006  

My MA, my consultant...

"Hello operator, tolong sambung kepada MA Faizul!"

MA Faizul, and the other medical assistants in orthopaedics, who have seen more fractures and reduced more fractures than I possibly could in four months, can never ever be underestimated. Without them, the patients will suffer and get treatment of far less quality.

In medicine, sometimes it does not count how good your academic background is, experience is far more useful, and adds to your courage and confidence in practising medicine.

It has been a good four months in orthopaedics, learnt so much about fractures and soft tissue injury, and basic surgical and nursing skills from my fellow nurses, MAs, and the bosses.

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