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Saturday, December 02, 2006  

Ya Allah, is this the man our only hope for Malaysia?

Mahathir, whose myocardium is recovering from a recent infarct, left behind a party of unrepentant corrupts and Malay-Ultras. It is hard to imagine Malaysia, under the rule of this party, would be a good country for my children to grow up and for me to grow old.

Anwar, who has kept a rather low profile in the local scene, apparently is the only Malay leader who has again and again, said the right things and share the thoughts of non-Malays. To elaborate further, click on these:-

Anwar speaking on democracy

Anwar on NEP being an instrument for cronyism

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This is Houseman Foo from the Labour Room

It is an achievement, by all means. I completed 10 days of tagging my senior colleagues in the labour room, and 4 days in the gynae ward. I hardly retained anything I learnt from the UMMC labour room and gynae clinics that could give me a headstart.

Yesterday, it was my first time being on call in the labour room, and the mothers kept coming in. Some of the cervices refused to dilate further, some decided to get late onset of hypertension, and some of the the babies still inside decided to slow down their heart rate, and then another decided to let her placenta get stuck inside. No time for rest or sleep.

A very interesting night indeed, and I think the fun has just begun.

3 months and 2 weeks more, dear fooji!!!!!

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