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Thursday, May 24, 2007  

AIn a sundry shop at Hospital Ipoh, Doctor Foo in his overall and stethoscope around his neck was getting a can of 100-plus from the soft drink fridge. A father and son was behind buying some other snacks. The father told the son in cantonese, " You see, the doctor chooses only the healthy drink...where got see doctor choose cola. 100-plus la for you."

In a popular SiangMalam hawker stall in Taiping, Doctor Foo in his trademark t-shirt and boxers in asadi slippers was getting the juiciest fattest pork for his economy rice.
That would have been a bad example.

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Saturday, May 12, 2007  

Dear boss,

I'm your apprentice
not really a kuli

maybe not a fully functional doctor
sometimes blur
maybe not gold medal material
so please inspire me
enlighten me
not shout at me

I'm a junior doctor,
so please teach me,
not embarass me

it does not feel right
that i have to make it a highlight
that sometimes i work till midnight
but it is depressing
when the next day,
got shouted for
being minutes late

I'm a junior doctor
future MO
so please inspire me
not downgrade me
no matter how 'stupid' I can be
all the more reason to enlighten me

dear boss,
i am no superman
sometimes blood will lyse
results will be late
while I resuscitate
i may have forgotten to trace
while I get the surgical appointment
it'll be too late to get the psy referral
what more if our rounds are always late?

dear boss,
i am no superman,
but i never work to impress you
sometimes i do not even work for the sake of my patients,

but day in day out, of working like dogs
we need inspiration, motivation, assurance,
not shouting, empty reprimand and written warnings
to keep us housemen going

dear boss,
you may not care whether I had lunch
you may not care if I had enough sleep
but junior doctors have ego and not really an armoured heart
it gets hurt , it gets bruised when insulted

so boss,
you're my boss,
i am your worker
your apprentice
but not your kuli
so please teach me

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007  

Questions for the rest of the year

1. Would you leave government service?

2. MRCPCH, Masters, or private GP?

3. Stay on in Taiping or Klinik Kesihatan?

4. District or home?

5. Fight on or join the corporate world?

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