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Saturday, July 14, 2007  

Malaysia's worst

Earlier, I blogged about things that made us proud as Malaysians like Nicol David and Yasmin Ahmad.

Then, there are the methane farts, sadly and consistently generated by the government, that make us doubt that this is still a good country to believe in, to reside in, and to place our hopes in.

One of Malaysia's worst has happenned - and it is the arrest of Nathaniel Tan, for allegedly possesing OSA documents that could land Johari Baharum, the Deputy Police Minister, in trouble for facilitating the release of some gangsters.

Look at this, ladies and gentleman, the police arrested Nathaniel Tan for having some secret documents that could land their boss in trouble. Something does not sound right at all.

Selamat Hari Merdeka, dear Malaysians. Voice out, speak up.

Blog reactions towards this issue:-
Jeff Ooi
The Cicak
John LeeMK
Anwar Ibrahim

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Friday, July 13, 2007  

Free lunch, anyone?

A month ago, I applied to get a free installer CD of the latest, user-friendly open-source OS - UBUNTU, and it came all the way from the Netherlands, (I think).

Tried the demo version, and it looks reliable, and wholesome. It is great to know that there are talents out there who create things for free!

Are you offering your services for free?

***I am encouraged to make duplicates and pass on this UBUNTU CD, email me (foojihoe@gmail.com) your mailing add if you want one!***

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Thursday, July 12, 2007  

Malaysia's best

Football in this country is a disgrace. Just like their political leaders. Almost hopeless.

But then again, it is not uncommon, actually, to see 'Nicol-David's in various phases and places of Malaysia. There are people, organisations, events, creations, enterprises, success stories and things fundamentally Malaysian that we can be proud of.

I surfed the net, met some people, read the papers and read some books, and arrived at this conclusion - Malaysia has people at their best and worst, or 'worse' - mediocre.

Let's forget about lukewarm Malaysians and dumbo politicos for a while, and help me list down Malaysia's best.

1) Individuals:- Nicol David

2) Publications - The Sun free-paper, OffTheEdge magazine

3) Thinkers - The Cicak, Farish Noor

4) Enterprises - MindValley, NuffNang,

5) Non-profits - MalaysianCare

6) Musician - Pete Teo,

7) The Arts - Yasmin Ahmad,

8) Bloggers/Writers - Jeff Ooi, Citizen Nades,

***there are more I am sure, help me identify them!***

and yeah, I am proud of myself, a non-mediocre Malaysian who is aware of her social and political ills, and taking small steps in doing something about that.

Selamat Hari Merdeka.

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Warung fiction 7:

"Zah, did you notice? The PM has been giving speeches without prepared texts."

"yeah, but takda karisma. Boring."

"Almost pretentious, kan?"

"Eh Dan, kau free malam ni?"

"Nak buat pa?"

"Nak gi jalan-jalan.."

"Takda masa."

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Maybe this maybe not
count him in
or maybe out

five more days
before the toil

wish you well
I won't be able to tell
if you screw around
don't pretend to be church-bound

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007  

Important ingredients...

1) to be somebody

- integrity
- English proficiency
- enthusiasm/knowledge in sociology
- financial wisdom

2) to have a meaningful broadband internet lifestyle
- a connection more stable and readily available - unlike Streamyx
- Visa/Mastercard
- money
- weekends off
- susbcription to musiccanteen.com

3) to impress your future in-laws
- honesty
- generosity
- love their daughter/your girlfriend

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007  

Warning to all Malaysians (and people from the rest of the world) :

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT upgrade(or downgrade) to Windows Vista !

Do not choose Windows Vista as your OS if you are buying a new computer.

I am a proud owner of a new Dell Inspiron 6400, but definitely not a proud owner/user of Windows Vista Home Premium. It is slow, bringing back memories of 486 timing with windows 95.

Will revert to Windows XP, but still apprehensive about reformatting. Anyone out there can tell me about dual booting?

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Friday, July 06, 2007  

Life is good when...

1) waking up at 6.30am is by choice, and not for work, and the morning is all yours, instead of having to take patients' blood early in the morning.

2) the highlight of the day is reading OffTheEdge magazine with McD fries and Coke.

3) you have the assurance that the rest of the week is plain good holiday!

Life is good. The worst is over, for Dr.Foo, moving on to 2nd year in government in service.

God willing.

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Sunday, July 01, 2007  

I suddenly felt the need to record the current feel about the current affairs, plaguing, intriguing us these few days.

People are moving on:- An acquaintance is leaving for England, while another doctor-blogger is leaving Sibu to return to KL, I am leaving the internal medicine department. Tony Blair, all credits to him, has moved on and passed over the baton.

Some people are still stupid: Nazri for crying out "stupid" in the Parliament. Dear voters, thank you for returning such people to the Parliament.

Some people are still keeping quiet: The people who knows the real story between Najib and Altantuya, and Najib himself, still denying that he knows Altantuya. Dear Malaysians and voters, remember how Anwar was persecuted? While that trial is an overblown fiction, this is very real. What we have here is the Deputy Prime Minister, the No.2 of the country, with a probability of 99.9% to be involved in this bomb-murder-mongolian saga. There could be 2 major possibilities:-
1) That the Razak that the deceased had been seeing and sleeping with is not Razak Baginda but the other Razak. Thus, explaining the easy access for the explosives and the direct involvement of the other Razak's bodyguard.
2) That Razak Baginda is the Razak that the deceased had been seeing and sleeping with, and that the other Razak, being a great pal of Razak Baginda, has gotten his hands wet by allowing his bodyquards and the bombs under the care of his ministry to take care of the problem, although rather clumsily.

Some people are still dumb: The Malaysians, generally. Why are we not demanding this No.2 of the country to clear himself or else, resign! Why do we allow leaders with their morality and integrity questionable? Be ashamed, be very ashamed.

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