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Thursday, August 30, 2007  

Merdeka hopes

It happens every year. As I safely reached the heart of Ipoh City by 8pm last night, I could see the padang was alive with activity, with merry-makers of all races to spend the night of Merdeka eve with patriotic songs and expensive fireworks.

What happens every year? The temporary amnesia that almost all of us experience. We temporarily forget about things that are not right with the country and the present government, and with lots of hopes, wish for better years ahead for this young country.

What gives us that kind of wishful thinking, that kind of hope during these Merdeka times? Not really sure, but probably, deep inside, no matter how unbalanced the BN dacing is, how sharp the 'Keris' has been, we still love this country, and we still harbour some hopes that things may change for the better.

Although the PM's Merdeka speech, sounds more like an over-spirited, STPM-format kind of patriotic speech, and between his coughs after shouting too loud, certain words of his still moved me.

Anyway, people of Malaysia, Selamat Hari Merdeka. Think wisely before you cast your vote in the next general election. May God bless this country.

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