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Sunday, December 30, 2007  

I will be leaving Taiping soon, and this is probably one of the best towns in Malaysia, and I had a good time walking around the town with my camera. Here's a few shots worthy to represent the town.

A 24 hour KFC outlet, rented in a motel building. Next to it is the Siang Malam Hawker centre.

CIMB Bank with the clock tower

Taiping Lake Gardens

The schools along Jalan Stesen

Hospital Taiping

Penjara Taiping

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Friday, December 28, 2007  

What kind of 2008 do I want?

I am a spoilt, lucky brat in the eyes of many young doctors in Perak. Because, right now I get to choose my place of work as a government doctor, next year.

Hospital Ipoh - finally a general hospital for me? Having worked in a semi-general hospital, I have yet to work in Ipoh, which was my first choice for housemanship. Now, I got a chance to go home everyday. Is this my route towards a career in radiology? Or would it be the start of nasty dealings with difficult bosses in departments that give stress but no satisfaction?

Hospital Batu Gajah - be your own boss in a district hospital which would be full of fun, but probably also lots of work, where it may be difficult to go on leave, and free on weekends.

KK Ayer Tawar - 1 hour from home, which would cause me to spend more than RM 300 on fuel, and wear out my car, but it is 8-5pm work, and free on weekends and public holidays which is my ultimate DREAM!!!

Mom and dad not keen about driving so far, friends and others prefer a progressive fooji in a specialist hospital charting his way to greater heights in the 'miserable' career of a doctor.

Hmm.....will decide on Monday.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007  

We want to wish you a blessed 2008 !

Be merry but cautious,
Be happy but diligent,
Be contented, but keep your eyes and options open!

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Thursday, December 20, 2007  

Foo Chee Hoe supports...

1. efforts to remedy the problems of global warming, i.e reduce carbon footprints and the political will to act, and research for alternative energy

2. the call for an election that is ‘bersih’

3. Malaysian music

4. Fong Po Kuan, Lim Kit Siang

5. the call for national healthcare scheme - where distribution of funds towards healthcare can be optimised for equity in quality healthcare

6. nationalisation of highways

7. upgrading Hospital Taiping to a state hospital

8. the implementation of standardised national medical qualifying (exit) examination for all final year medical students

9. small and medium enterprises

10. Malaysian Care and other community and social welfare efforts

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Monday, December 17, 2007  

Selamat Tidur Adikku,
jangan gelisah,
jangan takut,
tutuplah matamu,
kerana abangmu ada disisimu

Selamat Tidur Adikku,
semoga kamu lena,
jiwa damai mimpi suci,

Ku sayang padamu,
jangan gelisah, jangan takut,
kerana abangmu ada disisimu
Selamat tidur Adikku.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007  

If I can intubate, I can go on call....

Neonatal intubation tips

1. Go low, bend to the level of the baby
2. Do not overextend the baby's head
3. Relax, you have more time than you think you have
4. Do not go in blindly!
5. If you need more time, pull out and bag, and reorganise
6. The vocal cord is more anterior compared to the adults', so yank up, not rocking.
7. Relax
8. Relax

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007  

If you plan to be the next Malaysian Prime Minister, what would be your MANIFESTO?

wait...will they ever any party other then BN to win the coming elections?

Oh well, let's say the Election Commission miracoulously did a good job in organising a free and fair elections, what would be the opposition's manifesto?

Kevin Rudd, created a victory for the Labour Party and for the new generation of Australia. His plans for Australia sound so right and so good. If we have such a talent in Malaysia, would he be allowed to go all the way to the top of the government, if he is not a BN fella?

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Monday, December 03, 2007  

CH Foo - Paeds MO !

If you have watched the excellent HBO series 'Band of Brothers', do you remember the part in Bastogne where Easy Company was under the command of an incompetent Lt. Dike? He was a graduate of West Point, a US military college that qualified him to jump queue to an officer rank, but in comparison to the elite Easy men, he was inexperienced and of little courage and combat motivation.

During the definitive assault against the Germans in Foy, he got scared and lost his mind in the midst of enemy fire. When his men keep pushing him, "Sir, we need to move on! Please give us your orders, sir!"

He could only continue breathing heavily. When asked again, "Sir, you need to make your decision now!", he could only shout "I don't know, I don't know!"

I would hate to be in his position, but I could understand why he was so incompetent. With little combat experience, and not having the same kind of passion to fight like those of the Easy men, he was doomed for failure from the beginning.

I will be made Paeds MO soon this month, with very little experience in paediatrics. Though I did plan to sit for MRCPCH after MBBS, the plan and 'semangat' has since become a thing of the past.

Nevertheless, I want to take this positively. I would not want to disappoint them who pushed me up there. Surely, I would not want to be like Lt. Dike and shout "I don't know, I don't know!" when the nurses and the house officers say, "Boss, we need your decision STAT!"

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