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Thursday, March 27, 2008  

So Why MCA?
Now that the opposition won, they go OPEN TEnder, how UMNO man do business?

You got to watch this!!

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Monday, March 17, 2008  

Dear Uncle Keng Yaik of Gerakan, Uncle Ong of MCA,

Having a PAS assemblyman as Mentri Besar of my beloved state does not mean that DAP has cheated the electorate. If the elections are to be held again, we will still vote for DAP, having the knowledge that a PAS fella will be the MB.

You see, my two uncles, you must be way too high up there in the cabinet and the luxurious central committee of your respective BN component parties to realise that we CHINESE and other NON-MUSLIMS do not really MIND anymore to have a PAS fellow as our Mentri Besar.

My two uncles, please wake up and realise by now that it is not PAS that we are angry and uneasy with. It is your big brother, the grand old party UMNO which we find is getting more and more irritating, whether they are in power or out of power.

We have confidence in Nizar Jamaluddin, being a well-educated Malay, an engineer by profession with good speaking skills, will be a good Mentri Besar. At least he stars with a clean slate, unlike your friends in UMNO who are almost all tainted with slurs of corruption.

So my uncles, we are not cheated. We just want to get rid of UMNO, and because you two are friends with them, we are sorry we cannot vote for you for you respect them too much to even reprimand them when it is so glaringly that they have gone overboard.

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Friday, March 14, 2008  

PHC says: Doctors are jerks
I am in total agreement.

He wrote:

"All doctors will screw up once in a while but some screw around all the while. Then there are those who pray for their patients and those who prey on their patients. Every doctor needs to shit sometimes but some love to bullshit every time. Some put you to sleep to be under the knife, while some make you sleep forever six feet under the ground.

Don’t forget the doctors that have wrecked our nation. Dr. Mahathir got the ball rolling and made us a land of racists. Dr. Ling Liong Sik followed suit and created a generation of mediocre Chinese graduates from the TAR institutions. Dr. Chua Soi Lek screwed around and ended up on Youtube. Dr. Lim Keng Yaik led Gerakan and turned Penang into a mudhole. Dr Ng Yen Yen will be made Health Minister soon so God please save us all."

Read more HERE

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008  

Are you ready for change? (2)

This is a disappointing day. The DAP Big Uncle Lim Kit Siang reacted quite foolishly to the appointment of the PAS MB of Perak. He has not only dug a hole for the BN media and UMNO Malay supremacists to launch a fresh meaningful attack against the DAP, but he has also revealed flaws in the loose coalition, and how we are not ready for change.

Today, I feel disappointed, because after the euphoria of the so-called political tsunami, racist considerations and racist norms remain the heart of Malaysian politics. To Uncle Lim, let me tell you, Perak is not Penang. The Head of State is not DAP, but the Sultan of Perak. I respect him enough to let him give his consent on whoever he prefers. I am sure he has given due consideration to appoint Ngeh as MB. Ngeh getting to be Deputy MB is already a big plus. Have you ever seen any MCA or MIC fellow getting anywhere near the top in the Perak state leadership before this? All they get is only some Exco Sukan or Exco Kesihatan.

Take a look at today's Utusan Melayu, and you will angry and racist letters and columns by politicians and UMNO buggers, using words such as 'derhaka', 'Melayu takkan hilang di dunia', 'semangat kebangsaan' so on and so forth.

Let DAP show the rest of Malaysia how to make all race prosper without the pretext of DEB. Let the PAS MB of Perak to show the beauty of the new Perak coalition government with representation of all Malaysians.

Oh, when will we realise that this is no longer about the dominance of a single race but about the progress of the whole nation, to finally grow up as a strong country. We have no time and place for idiots.

To further comment, let me publish the latest blog by P.O.T.S, of which I truly agree with. :-

Did the sun shine any brighter and the birds sing any louder?
Was there a different aroma in the air around us?

....in many ways, a great part of our individual niche has not changed and probably never will......

Change is the only constant.

Anwar hailed the recent “political tsunami’ as a new dawn for Malaysia.

I say HUH?

Was there really a new dawn for Malaysia?

Did the sun shine any brighter and the birds sing any louder?
Was there a different aroma in the air around us?

In many ways, a great part of our individual niche has not changed and probably never will.

Nazri Aziz will remain uncouthed and downright disrespectful and he is still in Parliament. Bung Mokhtar of Kinabatangan is still alive while Zakaria Deros is still dead. Sammy Vellu is still rich and will now find much time to spend his dirty money. Kayveas is still the arrogant, tough-talking tin kosong blaming everyone for his defeat except the man in the mirror. Ling Liong Sik is still a fat moron masquerading as a scholar in the Chinese UiTM aka TAR College/University. The BN media will still paint Abdullah and friends as the only choice for Malaysia. The opposition parties will still think and behave like opposition parties, if not against the BN then among themselves.

In Ipoh, Perak, the state with the third PAS MB, the aqua or to be politically correct, the transvestites will continue to wait for their clients of all races without fear or favor. They are the most harmonious characters around and probably will be for many more centuries to come. Similarly, the pork in Sabah still tastes like a turd sandwich and the wan tan mee still five ringgit and taste just as horrible. The Kelantanese will remain in their eternal delusion that they are the exemplary state in Malaysia which is totally true if they’re talking about HIV, intravenous drug abuse and incest. Chinese people are still yellow and paranoid of PAS for no valid reason. The Sabah state neurosurgeon is still melanin-enhanced and bullshitting while performing his daily massacre of innocent people. Malay people will still be numero uno bumiputeras and the coming local university intake will prove me right.

Life will continue its mundane cycle not unlike the hamster wheels I am staring at right at this very moment.

Life will not change much for most of us – not in the most influential and priceless aspects, at least.

Really, compared to a new state government and revolutionary policies, the little little things in life carry so much more weight and relevance.

Don’t expect change to come from the new state governments, not in big waves in the next few weeks or months at least. If there were ten things I could change in life, these will all be non-political.

That’s for me. How about you?

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008  

What happens in Perak will be telling signs of things to come in the future of Malaysia

Maybe it was just me being paranoid when I felt older Malay people in my working place were seriously whispering in groups discussing the political shock in Perak. If I am not mistaken, I can hear words like Melayu, Cina and boneka.

Soon, we will know for sure whether we will have PAS MB, a PKR MB or a Chinese DAP MB for Perak. There are some open-minded Malays (PAS members mostly) who would not mind having a Chinese. Those people I saw whispering must be UMNO supporters who stand for absolute Malay rights.

Meanwhile, there are friends who asked me to pray that the Sultan will favour a Chinese MB, as he is a Christian and all that.

For me, I can only pray that God's will be done.

The fear of having a Chinese MB in a Malay majority state just means that we are just not that progressive enough to abandon all racial realism. On the other hand, the fact of having a PAS fellow as an MB may not go down well with Chinese also reflect the shallow minds of the Chinese.

The MCA and UMNO sore losers who attacks DAP for working with PAS to form a government only reflect their small minds and ancient racial politics. I know of many non-Malays who rather pangkah for PAS candidate than an UMNO fellow.

Who gets chosen as MB, and how we Perakians react to that choice would reflect how far we can go as a nation. If gossips and instigations of racial disharmony would not happen among the UMNO losers, if the non-Malays could suppress their fear of Islamists, and accept the renewed moderate politics of PAS, if the people and the civil servant would respect the Sultan and the new MB whoever he is, and judge him not by his colour but by his competency, then we can go far and succeed. Then I would have another reason not to leave this country.

While many have commented the fall of BN means that racial politics does not work any more, the reality is that the fear of Malays being sidelined under a fully open and meritocratic administration. I say, RICH MALAYS should be sidelined, but the poor and needy should receive help and probably a bit of affirmative action, just like the poor Chinese and Indians should too.

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Sunday, March 09, 2008  

Are you ready for change?

I believe more than half of Perakians did not realise what had happenned. We have voted in a way that the coalition of DAP-PKR-PAS gained majority to form the next Perak State government. This perhaps was not the result we envisioned, one can see that the PKR or PAS candidates were of high profile personalities.

Then the dilemma of who would lead the government as MB came - takkan la a chinese assemblyman from DAP with the most seats to be MB? For the idealistic, why not? For the more pragmatic, better a Malay from PKR or PAS.

To me personally, Perak is not Penang. Malays dominates the demographics of Perak, and out of respect and practical political consideration, a Malay MB would be most suitable.

But who would replace Tajol Rosli? Everyone outside the party kept guessing till late this evening, it is announced that Perak PAS Liaison Secretary Ir Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin who won the Pasir Panjang state seat, will be nominated as the new Mentri Besar of Perak.

I pray for the new Perak government, that they will be sincere and seek for God's wisdom in their new experience as governors and administrators. Let us all give them our support as we have given them our mandate.

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Saturday, March 08, 2008  

My sister and I stayed up till 3.30am before retiring to bed, with this excited tinge in our hearts, knowing that it is a historical moment for Malaysia, especially the Northern states and Selangor. This morning, my father and I went to the Falim market for a quick breakfast, the chinese folks of this Batu Gajah constituency are quietly reading the papers and enjoying their wantan mee, with just very mild and soft discussions about the DAP-PKR-PAS big wins.

Probably, not many of them stayed up late enough to realise that Perak is no longer the place for BN.

In 2004, the Kinta Valley folks of Perak showed to the rest of Malaysia that it is OKAY to vote for the opposition. We brought voice to the Parliament in the likes of Kit Siang, Kula and Fong Po Kuan. This 2008, many other constituencies followed suit. This is a new dawn for the country, where the people not only dare to dream about a better country with a good governance in their mamak stalls and their bedrooms, but also make it come true by voting for CHANGE.

We, the people of the northern states (Kedah, Penang, Perak) and also Selangor have big expectations of the new Barisan Rakyat State government. In the words of P.O.T.S, :- "We will judge you by the same measures by which we have expelled the previous regime.

We voted you in without regard to your skin color, religion or biological makeup. We were Chinese who have voted PAS, Malays who have chosen DAP and Indians who opted for PKR. We were the oppressed who saw you as liberators and the cheated who believed in the truth...."

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Zero Celebration!

Keep all the merry in our hearts for now. The Opposition and their supporters should not give chance to UMNO and the likes to cause riot by going on victory parades these few days.

Chong Eng has called on all to be mature in handling both victory and losses.

A political tsunami has happenned. This is the election that will bring down BN and Samy Vellu.

Do not spoil it by letting the crooks by stealing our victories by riots.

From Malaysiakini.com:

Opposition supporters told to keep calm - 9.20pm
DAP MP for Bukit Mertajam Chong Eng has advised all opposition supporters to remain calm and not provoke others. She also said they should refrain from having victory parades.

“The Barisan Rakyat must learn how to handle victory or loss with maturity,” said her statement which comes as early polls result indicate a major swing towards the opposition.

Unofficial: DAP retains Ipoh Barat and three state seats - 8.46pm
Incumbent M Kulasegaran obtained a majority of 1,056 while the three state seats in the parliamentary constituency - Buntong (majority 4,437), Bercham (3,395) and Kepayan (1,382) were also won by DAP.

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Rakyat Malaysia, Syabas!

We are close to having our Malaysian dream come true!

The unconfirmed good news from Malaysiakini.com:

1) DAP may be able to form government in Penang
2) Koh Tsu Koon lost
3) DAP hotshots like LimKitsiang, Teresa Kok, and Tan Seng Giaw are winners
4) Bloggers Jeff Ooi close to winning
5) Tony Pua beat Chew Mei Fun!
6) Samy Vellu is not getting it easy
7) Kelantan belongs to PAS
8) Many more coming..... this is going to be so deliciously exciting!!!

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Thursday, March 06, 2008  

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Kenny Sia is wrong, this is not my party of choice, but you guys should try the quiz, it is full of fun, and makes it so darn clear about the state we are in.

According to the 100% accurate kennysia.com Who-To-Vote-This-Election Decision Generator™, I am voting for...

PARTI KEADILAN RAKYAT! (are you sure, Kenny?)

Who Should You Vote For This Election?

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Sunday, March 02, 2008  

Obama and Clinton pays MONEY to air their advertisements on US TV stations

What about Barisan Nasional? I really hope so. RTM 1 and RTM 2 are run on public funds. The rest of the other TV stations are owned by the giant Media Prima, which has close links to UMNO-owned Khazanah.

During this election season, it almost ad-nauseum to watch, hear and read BN propaganda in the form of advertisements and documentary. Even the daily news are just like BN party brochures.

I believe all VOTERS would like to know is this:

Does Barisan Nasional pay for their advertisements? If not, are they using public funds for their own party interests?

I propose all political parties release their campaign account for public scrutiny so that we know how their funds were raised and how was it spent.

The basic things Malaysia deserve from them are TRANSPARENCY, SINCERITY, HONESTY.

Do not insult our intelligence and morals.

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At least he makes sense

Ideas are bulletproof: The Government should be afraid of the people

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Saturday, March 01, 2008  

Vote for Malaysia: You decide for Malaysia!

I am a civil servant (penjawat awam). Just like this lady, I prefer this term to 'government servant' which leaves the imagination that I serve the ruling party. As a medical officer in the civil service, I serve the 'masyarakat' by providing healthcare to them. I treat their acute problems, manage the chronic problems, and offer proper medical advice. In the civil service, I work under the umbrella of Ministry of Health, and the biggest boss of the day is the Health Minister.

I have to respect the man who holds the ministerial post, and I have to obey whatever of his words that becomes regulations and new protocols in the ministry.

However, I believe that the Constitution reserves the right for every individual, including us civil servants ( doctors, soldiers, police, teachers) to vote for any party that they support and to speak for them in support if needed. Therefore, I hope that by displaying a DAP banner here would not result in me getting any disciplinary action or problems with the boss later on.

After all, as long I dispense my services with responsibility and without discrimination, and give my superiors in the ministry the respect where it is due, there should be nothing wrong with me supporting an opposition party. Again, after all, it is not the BN that pays me salary, but the public funds which comes from taxes from individuals and corportate bodies.

Having said that, I would like to appeal to all Malaysians to think carefully and also dare to dream when you decide who to vote for.

Are you willing to continue to dwell in complacency and STATUS QUO and let things be like how it is, though major issues like corruption and poor governance are still very palpable though it has been 4 years since the end of the Mahathir administration.

In my opinion, a stable government does not equal having an almost 100% occupation of parliamentary seats by the ruling party. Instead a monstrous majority held by the ruling party is open for abuse, amending the Constitution and making new laws and statutes without much consultation to the rakyat.

In my opinion, being a fifty year-old nation, we have to move towards having a Malaysian first policy, at the same time bearing a spirit of welfare to the underprivileged, the poor, the economically crippled regardless of their ethnicity.

My dear friends, do you dare to DREAM for Malaysia? Of zero corruption, of intelligent ministers and mentri besars, of no monkey son-in-laws, of a better and well-paid teachers, doctors and police officers?

In recent weeks, the ruling party with their huge fiscal reserves has dominated whatever forms of national media trying to reach out to every Malaysian voter out there with their advertisements, documentaries (I hope if the BN wins, they can come out with an account of their campaign, of how much was spent and where did the funds come from, to assure us that no public funds were touched). Dear friends, I hope we are not so small minded as to take in all those information without digesting them with a pinch of salt. My friends, think about the past 5 years of Malaysia, are you happy and satisfied? Do you feel AMAN, SELAMAT and MAKMUR? Sometimes, but all the time?

Before you choose to vote blue, green or red, please THINK, and dare to dream for your country. The most achievable dream that we can all have is a better Malaysian Parliament, consisting of more deserving and intelligent Members, who are sincerely representing the Rakyat, and not just a certain party.

The Parliament belongs to Malaysians and their future, not a certain political party. Think, dream, then VOTE.

God bless all of us.

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