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Wednesday, April 30, 2008  

Cow Dung day

I stepped on a pile of cow dung this morning because I was not looking where I am going as I walked home from the newspaper stand while reading the paper.

*** that's about it ****

Much about blogging has changed nowadays. During the early days of blogging, there are not many bloggers like Jeff Ooi or Oon Yeoh who gave descriptive opinions of daily affairs in their blogs. Most others wrote about the restaurant they are going to or went, the gigs they attended, the broken heart caused by the boyfriend, the latest book or the latest movie, and also there are some really good writers like Dina Zaman and Najah Nasseri who did not really blog about politics and heavy issues but yet very appealing accounts of their daily experience and their thoughts.

Five years ago when we started blogging, it must be plain horror to even think politicos like Khir Toyo and Muhd Muhd Taib would be joining us as bloggers. Back then, not many are willing to reveal their identity. Now, their blogs are part of their political strategy.

Today, blogs are useful tools for whistle-blowing, politicking, and also to be amateur specialists in certain fields. Much has changed about blogging, so it is no longer logging on the web about the cow dung that I stepped on, but rather to write about something that can inform, perturb, inspire or trigger.

Hope this post has.

** Question of the day: Why is a blog named WARUNG IKAN BAKAR not blogging about food and grilled fish? **

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Monday, April 21, 2008  

Mr Fooji supports...

1) The Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics. The boycott and the relay protests are childish, insensitive, overreacted, and done in bad taste.

2) A colour blind Malaysia, and her direction determined by the Rakyat and not a party of elitists and racists.

3) A thorough investigation into the corrupt practice and abuse of power by the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia

4) The evolution of ACA into an independent body in the same league as Hong Kong's ICAC. It is high time Malaysian deserve a truly honest offence towards corruption. Without fear or favour!

5) The mandatory return of all JPA scholars to serve the country.

6) The mandatory imprisonment of MARA loans defaulters

7) The mandatory payback policy for JPA scholars who failed their college exams.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008  

FoojiReviews: Estranged - The Band, The Music, the "Itu Kamu"...

The first time I heard "Itu Kamu", it was sung by Tashya, the eventual winner of LG Starz (a singing star search contest on TV3 last year). I was impressed by both the song and the singer. It was a Malay song, and I was eager to find out the people responsible for that song. It was really a very good song.

I was eager to find out, but never ever looked hard enough. Once in a while, I heard it over Era.fm or Fly.fm but never found the face behind the song until recently I found out it was Estranged.

It is funny because I watched Estranged receiving the Anugerah Juara Lagu, but never suspected that the Juara Lagu was the song I really liked.

So today, I bought the album - Estranged: In Hating memory. I bought it without second guessing, it cost only RM 21, and I should support Malaysian music-makers! On my way home, I put it on my car stereo and my Perodua Myvi rocked good with the neat jamming. The lyrics and the arrangement is addictive, I would say it thrilled me even better than the Foo Fighters.

And finally, the bonus track of "Itu Kamu" came alive just metres before I reach my house. I would have sung along if I knew the lyrics. The acoustic is tasty, and it was simple magic to say the least.

I admit I have yet to really know this band. No, I am not going to be a hardcore fan but I will be looking forward to their next album!!!

Official Estranged Website
Hear ItuKamu and other songs HERE!

or watch it HERE

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Sunday, April 13, 2008  

New approach to blogging needed...

I think I started blogging about a few months after famous bloggers like Jeff Ooi and Oon Yeoh started theirs.(Yeah,I think I started before blog-celebs like Kenny Sia, etc) It was so addictive, and there was a time when I enjoyed hundreds of visits per day when Jeff Ooi mentioned me once with a link back then in 2003. It has been years now and the traffic is going from bad to worse, I have yet to earn my first 100USD from Adsense and I do not think I will ever earn enough from NuffNang to get a cheque.

So, probably I should stop writing about girlfriends, the number of times I brush my teeth and the bitchings about my boss and the new minister, and write something that can generate money!!!

Hmmm....... so maybe there will be new blog concepts like :-

FoojiMoney.com - on personal money management

FoojiHoney.com - on matcthmaking

FoojiBunny.com - on pet keeping

FoojiMedic.com - medical related issues


We'll see, we'll see.

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Saturday, April 05, 2008  

I wrote something today on this blog. It was entitled Dear You.

I was going to write, If it were someone else, she would have given me more time.....

I wrote it, then published it. Then I deleted it.

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