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Wednesday, May 21, 2008  

Will USA give Obama a chance?

Encik Yusuf, a faithful UMNO and Mahathir supporter, who belongs to old school Malay politics heavily hinged on racial card and considerations, confidently threw this question at me:-

"You think Obama can win ar?"

I really hoped so. He is one of the very few politicians left who makes sense.

"I tell you, Americans are more racist than us." He firmly gave this statement. In short, he is subtlely telling me there is no way a Chinese, an Indian or a Sabahan can become the Prime Minister of Malaysia, let alone the MB of Perak.

Obama has already gained the majority of Democratic pledged delegates, but he has lost quite big in predominantly white states of Kentucky, Pensylvania and New Hampshire. The big question is, will Obama, as the Democratic Presidential Nominee, will get these Clinton-pledged votes in the general election against McCain?

Would these shallow whites rather have McCain, a Bush-like Republican, the next US President, than have a black President in Obama with a real wind of change at hand?

I hope Encik Yusuf is dead wrong about this.

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Friday, May 16, 2008  

They should air this in schools

Pete Teo, Yasmin Ahmad and the gang of Malaysian artistes came up with this super cool song. Watch it! Watch it!

Budget cost: Zero!

Let's list the local celebrities that we can identify in this video:-
Afdlin Shauki
Harith Iskandar
pete teo
Ho yuHang
Jac Victor
Ning Baizura
Tony Fernandes AirAsia
Mark Teh
Jerome Kugan
Chan Fong
Jason Lo
Daniel Lee
January Low
Maya Karin
Amber Chia
Shebby Singh
'Orked' and 'Jason' ???

Here in my home - Malaysian Artistes For Unity

Download the song and music video for FREE !!! Click on the banner
free download

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Thursday, May 15, 2008  

Question One: To doctors out there, would you wish to be on call in any hospitals in Sichuan or Myanmar instead of your current post now?

Question Three: I think Karpal Singh does not deserve the slamming and prison threats, you agree?
By RPK (Malaysia Today)

It is reported that when Abu Bakar took over as the First Caliph of Islam soon after Prophet Muhammad’s death (S.A.W.), he was asked: how would the people of Medina be assured that he would be a just and righteous leader? It is further reported that in reply to this question, Abu Bakar removed his sword from his person and placed it before him on the floor and then said that if he ever deviated one iota from his duty then they were to take his own sword and end his life.

That was the example of Abu Bakar, the First Caliph of Islam whom Muslims believe was one of the four ‘Rightly-Guided’ Caliphs. And if Abu Bakar is believed to be Rightly-Guided then surely he knows what he is talking about and it can only be God and no other that had guided him. Would Abu Bakar then be wrong in what he said and could he have instead been Wrongly-Guided? No, no Muslim would ever believe Abu Bakar had been Wrongly-Guided. They will swear with their life that Abu Bakar had been Rightly-Guided and that it was no less than God that had guided him.

Abu Bakar was one of the Companions of the Prophet. Muslims believe he can do no wrong and that he had already been assured a place in heaven even before he died. Yet Abu Bakar not only asked the people of Medina to take him to task if he erred. He asked them to take his life with his own sword, the Sword of Islam. Can anyone lesser than Abu Bakar be expected to do less than this? If Abu Bakar should be killed with his own sword if he did not rule justly and righteously, should any lesser fate befall those lesser than Abu Bakar?

This is not what I say. This is what Islam says. And would Islam lie? Would Islam mislead us? Would the Holy Scriptures be in gross error? Abu Bakar should be killed if he was not just and righteous. Abu Bakar is not infallible. Abu Bakar is not perfect. Abu Bakar is only human. And as a mere mortal, as one who can easily err, Abu Bakar wants to suffer execution by his own sword. That is what is expected of a Ruler of the Muslim faith. And would anyone lesser than Abu Bakar be above this First Caliph of Islam?

No, Karpal Singh was not disrespectful to Islam. Karpal Singh is as ‘Islamic’ as they come. Karpal Singh has done what 15 million Malay Muslims would not do. Karpal Singh has done what 15 million Malay Muslims should have done. Karpal Singh did what the First Caliph of Islam, Abu Bakar, said that God had Rightly-Guided him to do.

Yes, religion comes under the Rulers. The State Mufti is appointed by the Ruler. The State Director of the Religious Department is appointed by the Ruler. But not all men of the cloth are the example of Abu Bakar. Not all Rulers are the epitome of the Four Rightly-Guided Caliphs of Islam. There are amongst them some with the scruples of the scum of the earth.

Some Directors of the State Religious Departments are crooks and scoundrels. RM200 million has disappeared from the Selangor State Religious Department. RM200 million in zakat money collected by the previous government has gone missing. RM200 million in money that Muslims paid in the name of God has passed into the hands of the devil.

Oh how I wish Malaysia practiced the Islamic law of Hudud. How I wish we could cut off both their hands for the crime of stealing RM200 million that Muslims paid in the name of God. No, hand cutting is not enough. Theirs heads should be removed from their shoulders and their bodies left to rot in the sun as an example that anyone who ‘steals from God’ should not be allowed to continue with their miserable lives.

No, taking Rulers to task is not disrespectful to Islam. Taking Rulers to task is the greatest respect one can give Islam. And it needed a man like Karpal Singh to do the Islamic thing. I am a Malay. I am not hurt by what Karpal Singh did. I am happy with what he did. The Directors of the State Religious Departments are not saints. Some have the characteristics of the devil. They must be removed. They steal from God. They should be punished according to the Islamic law of Hudud. Unfortunately this can’t be done.

Now they want to retain the Internal Security Act without any amendments. Who in Parliament voted in favour of this? This goes against Islam. This defies Islam. Islam forbids this. These Parliamentarians who voted in favour of the Internal Security Act are enemies of Islam. These Parliamentarians who voted in favour of the Internal Security Act are the enemies of God. But I will not declare their blood as halal. If I do that then I can be punished under a ‘kafir’ British law called the Sedition Act. But this is not God’s law. This is man’s law. This is a law that allows Rulers to defy God and allows Rulers to violate God’s law.

To insult or defy Rulers goes against Islam, say the men of the cloth. Is this so? Well, then Rosmah, the wife of the Deputy Prime Minister, has committed a serious crime and should be punished. Rosmah phoned His Highness the Sultan of Selangor and scolded him. Rosmah spoke to His Highness the way you would scold a dog that shit on your new carpet.

Rosmah is angry that Raja Petra Bin Raja Kamarudin wrote an article called Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell. And Rosmah phoned His Highness the Sultan of Selangor and shouted at him. That is worse than what Karpal Singh did.

Rosmah wants to become the ‘First Lady’ of Malaysia even though the First Lady is the Agong’s consort. But Rosmah has committed treason against the Ruler. 200 years ago Rosmah would have been put to death. Today she will be rewarded with a RM100 million budget to renovate the Prime Minister’s residence in Putrajaya when her husband becomes Prime Minister.

And Raja Petra Bin Raja Kamarudin now challenges Rosmah for her to deny this allegation. Or maybe she would like to make a police report instead. That is what they normally do anyway when they are not able to reply. Porah Rosmah. Please don’t phone my cousin His Highness the Sultan of Selangor. Please don’t shout at my cousin His Highness the Sultan of Selangor. The Perak Mufti said that if you do that then you are disrespectful to Islam. You are only the wife of the Deputy Prime Minister who shall never become the Prime Minister of Malaysia. This quarrel is between you and me. Leave my cousin His Highness the Sultan of Selangor out of it.

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Saturday, May 03, 2008  

Happy Anniversary

of blushing cheeks
and blissful smiles
of hugs and kisses

i treasure the times
i cherish the moments

thank you for every moment
we share
of high and lows
of ups and downs
of bland and brilliant

thank you sayang
happy anniversary

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