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Friday, June 27, 2008  

Dear friends,

I remembered that day I was talking about age and aging with my girlfriend. I asked myself, Do I act and think the same way when I was 17?
I think I was the same, the way I speak and act at least. The memories of form 5 in ACS are still vivid. It was just like yesterday.

What is different is probably the optimism. Looking back, I thought when I reached the age of 27, a number very near to the big 3-0, i would already be in much more stable circumstances. You know, the usual materialistic things - stable job, a house, strong finances, and probably a loving wife too.

I am not complaining here, but definitely the expectations of the 17-year old fooji was skewed. Look around us, who amongst us 27 year olds would already achieved that besides Ian Chong? haha...not many.

While some are busy thinking of business ideas to uproot themselves from the current slump, others turn to better job offers, some decided to upgrade their skills and hope for promotion. What about another alternative - that is to forsake the conventional wisdom and the natural history of social norms of growing old and getting rich?

There is another way to find freedom from the clutches of financial demands, and societal expectations - to forsake it all and become a freelance, a hermit, a traveler, a missionary, a wild animal, a tentmaker just like the Paul - the apostle.

Anyone fancy this idea? This is the kind of thought I have on a Saturday morning, while dreading the Sunday active call that I will have in Hospital Changkat Melintang.

God bless all of us.

Chee Hoe

Hospital Changkat Melintang

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