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Sunday, August 31, 2008  

Today is the National Day of Malaysia. I sang this song in church today:-

Tanah tumpahnya darah-ku
Rakyat hidup, bersatu dan maju

Rahmat bahgia, Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita selamat bertakhta

Rahmat bahgia, Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita selamat bertakhta

(p.s:- It doesn't matter if it is not an original Malaysian song, it matters the way it is sung, and the circumstances underlying the singing, the emotions and spirits that it can induce amongst the singers.)

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Friday, August 22, 2008  

Think about it: Whether BN or PR wins, we all will die

From a post from drliew.net

Dr. Liew : “And they are saying that by lowering the price of petrol, we will be using up the money from the future allocated for our children. For gawd’s sake, at the rate the current inflation is going, I doubt anyone would want to think they can afford having children when they are currently even too afraid to die because of the rising cost of funeral!”

Uncle : “So, it’s Anwar, eh?”

Dr. Liew : “Look, you can still choose to support BN, knowing very well that you will get sodomised to death and die with your mata terbeliak. Or you can give PR a chance. You may still die, of course, but you may close your eyes because, at the least, you died trying.”

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008  

Siri Komen Hari Merdeka

Cerita Dongeng Satu

London, 2012: Dato' Lee Chong Wei, walaupun berumur 30 tahun, seolah-olah ajaib berjaya melayakkan diri sekali lagi ke pusingan piala emas badminton, walaupun kali ini bukanlah sebagai pemain 'singles' tetapi sebagai pemain pasangan dengan Datin Wong Mew Choo.

"Kali ini, saya yakin akan berjaya. Saya harap piala emas kelak nanti dapat membawa sedikit kegembiraan kepada Malaysia," kata beliau setelah menewaskan pasangan Jepun semalam di London.

Permatang Pauh, 2012: Setelah berbulan-bulan Dewan Rakyat digantung, seramai lapan puluh wakil rakyat parti pemerintah akan mengadakan konvensyen Satu Malaysia di Balai Ibrahim, Permatang Pauh pada Isnin depan. Konvensyen ini adalah bertujuan untuk meneruskan dialog dalam bentuk perbahasan dan pembentukan cadangan-cadangan pemindaan perlembagaan untuk membuat perubahan besar kepada negara ini dari segi hak-hak kaum, agama, bahasa dan kebudayaan.

Antara isu-isu yang akan hangat diperbahaskan adalah isu penggunaan semula Bahasa Inggeris sebagai bahasa rasmi bersama dengan Bahasa Melayu, isu pemansuhan sekolah-sekolah vernakular dan pembentukan kurikulum baru pendidikan Malaysia yang lebih sekular dan mengintergrasikan pendidikan bahasa Mandarin dan Tamil dalam kurikulum umum, isu pengenalan nama baru kepada setiap rakyat dengan berdasarkan bahasa Sanskrit demi menghilangkan pengaruh budaya Cina dan India dengan hasrat memberi identiti yang lebih teguh kepada semua rakyat di Malaysia, isu pemberian hak istimewa kepada orang-orang Asli dan pemansuhan hak sedemikian kepada mereka yang telah mencapai kejayaan dan status ekonomi yang tinggi walaupun daripada kaum bumiputera.

Pengerusi Konvensyen ini iaitu wakil rakyat Permatang Pauh akur bahawa kemungkinan besar konvensyen ini akan diganggu oleh puak status quo yang tidak mahu pertukaran sistem negara kepada Satu Malaysia. Tambahan pula, terdapat juga sebahagian besar wakil-wakil rakyat dari parti pemerintah dan pembangkang yang telah bersetuju untuk menganjurkan ceramah di setiap negeri untuk mengkritik konsep Satu Malaysia.

Yang pastinya, konsep Satu Malaysia yang telah diperkenalkan sejak empat tahun yang lalu di tempat ini selepas pilihanraya kecil selesai pada bulan Ogos 2008, telah membawa banyak kekacauan dan perbalahan di negara ini. Kemuncaknya apabila pergaduhan fizikal berlaku 7 bulan yang lalu antara pemerintah dengan pembangkang sehingga menyebabkan Dewan Rakyat digantung dan Perdana Menteri dikurangkan kuasanya.

Oleh yang demikian, walaupun Lee Chong Wei dan Wong Mew Choo, yang mungkin perlu menukar nama mereka kepada Li Wordoyo dan Wardinata Ria, berjaya meraih piala emas tidak mungkin dapat mengembalikan suasana yang ceria kepada negara ini.

Yang ironiknya ialah negara ini kecoh walaupun cuba membuat perubahan kepada suatu konsep yang berbunyi indah, tetapi keamanan terjaga semasa zaman korupsi dan perkauman sejak era si doktor itu menjadi Perdana Menteri.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008  

Lee Chong Wei LOST - big time

We can uncross our fingers now. No, we missed the chance to get a gold medal. He lost tamely to Lin Dan without a real fight. Lin Dan must be surprised at the easy win.

A day before today's match, the team's psychologist who are in charge to build so-called mental strength in our mentally weak sportsmen, had this to say in front of the TV - The gold is ours.

That was reassuring to hear. Today, it is just heartbreaking and disappointing to even heart that. Lee Chong Wei was pale when many of his returns attracted powerful Lin Dan smashes.

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The Zaid Ibrahim Factor

Let's forget about Anwar Ibrahim for a while. I think Malaysians can be categorised into 3 major groups using the Zaid Ibrahim Factor. Those who agree with him and looks forward to the reforms he has in mind, those who abhor him for the kind of 'keterbukaan' and freedom he has given to the law fraternity, and the threats he has allegedly implied on the Muslim Malay community. Lastly, the third group would be those who have no idea who he is and think that reform in Malaysia means building more bridges, roads and more super-malls.

Off The Edge August issue provided an insightful look into the Malaysian and the lawyer that is in Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, our current de-factor Law Minister, who was brought to the Cabinet after the March 8 BN disaster, despite initially thrown into the bekas YB UMNO rubbish-bin. I suggest you all read it.

Read on, and see which group you belong to. (Read further)

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Saturday, August 16, 2008  

My ambulance broke down

No it actually did not
but it got overheated

while on its way to the city
sending my breathless patient
to save his life

My ambulance got into trouble
even though it just returned
from the 'bengkel'

it got overheated
and it had to make a u-turn

I was fuming mad
while the patient got more breathless

I was fuming mad
at the country
at the ministry

it has money to buy Mercedes
but no money to buy me a new ambulance

it has money for stupid campaigns
and fireworks and giant flags
but no money for more Sp02s
and ABG machines

My ambulance broke down today
Tomorrow, maybe it'll be my sanity.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008  

Discourse not Emotions

The state of the country could go into irreparable DAMAGE, judging from the top news of the hour on yesterday's local teletubes. From loud voices condemning a politician's suggestion to open up UITM and the continuous barking against the Bar Council for trying to open discourse into sensitive issues.

My previous blog post about being hurt to be called a 'pendatang' attracted the comment below from a guy nicknamed Adam.

if you are not happy with Malaysia, you can go back to China where life there is more miserable. Overseas chinese belong to the mainland of China. I hope you shold have joined the Tiananmen Square protesters. The same goes to Hindraf. If they are not happy with Malaysia, they can go back to Tamil Nadu where their forefathers originated from.

I shall not be emotional and curse you with a parang. Instead, I feel sorry for you for being shallow, feel sorry for this country not its less than perfect education and civil system which has produced millions of shallow minds like yours, and I feel sorry for the future of our unborn Malaysian babies.

Well, Mr.Adam, I am really not happy, but mainland China will not be where I am heading to. But the option of Migration is very real now.

The sense of Rejection is very palpable.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008  

Anwar - pembelot bangsa Melayu?

Mahathir or maybe even Ezam abhor the idea of Anwar becoming the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. They claimed that he is willing to do anything just to be Prime Minister, including selling the rights of the Malays.

So this is what the fuss has been all about, isn’t it? Till it evoked the stories of anus and painful defecation? Is Anwar a traitor to the natives of this land just because he has changed his ultra-Malay tune to one that sounds more like Lee Kuan Yew’s Malaysian Malaysia? (Read further...click here)

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Saturday, August 09, 2008  

If Datuk Nicol gets to play, would Malaysia then get her first gold?

I typed in this question : WHY NO SQUASH in OLYMPICS?
in Powerset and this is the 'answer' i got:-

"Squash players and associations have lobbied for many years for the sport to be accepted into the Olympic Games, with no success to date. Few[who?] would argue with its worthiness by traditional measures, since it is played throughout the world and is similar to tennis in terms of athletic skills and fitness requirements,[citation needed] but the principal limitation has always been the difficulty in observing the sport as a spectator, either in person or on television. The ball travels so quickly that television audiences are hard-pressed to follow the action, even though some tournaments have attempted to remedy the problem by utilizing a specially coated ball for increased visibility. To maximize the viewing audience at tournaments, promoters often utilize an all-glass court that is designed to permit spectators to be seated around all four walls but is specially tinted so as not to distract the players. Because of these viewership restrictions, professional squash players earn vastly less than their counterparts in the tennis world."

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Mental Strength - does Lee Chong Wei have it?

A true champion will deliver the most crucial points, and soar above his limits when it matters most. He will not give up easily, will not blame it on pressure

In the past, Malaysian sportsmen had disappointed. To me, I stopped believing in the badminton squad when Cheah Soon Kit and Yap Kim Hock lost sheepishly in the men's doubles finals in Atlanta.

Currently, I harbour no hopes but of course, it will be nice if Lee Chong Wei will be "un-Malaysian" enough in pressure cooker moments and finally give us our first Olympic gold medal.

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Jika selama-lamanya
tidak dibawa bersuara
Jika tiada apa-apa
usaha memecah dilema
Sampai Bila?

Kamu selalu melaungkan
Perjuangan untuk bangsa,agama dan negara
Tetapi soalannya bangsa Siapa?
Bangsa saya juga?
Berbagai-bagai bangsa?
Bangsa Malaysia?
Ataupun Bangsa kamu sahaja?

Jika selamanya-lamanya kita mendiamkan diri
Sampai Bila?

Sampai bila boleh bersemuka
dalam apa hal semua?
Kamu boleh menyoal saya, mengkritik saya
Tetapi benarkan saya berforum sahaja

Negara saya - Malaysia
Bukan China
Tanah tumpah darahku - Malaysia
Bukan China, bukan India, bukan Sri Lanka


cuma berforum
mengambil langkah ke hadapan

Jika kamu tak suka, tak usah BENCI
boleh tegur, jangan bunuh
boleh PROTES, jangan usir
jangan caci, jangan MAKI

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008  

The Longest Day in Paediatrics

Background story: Prior to working in the Hospital Desa CM, the tauke was a junior Paediatric MO in Taiping. He was rather well-trained in neonatal resuscitation, day in day out in SCN. He should have no problem with intubation and the minute details of fluid resuscitation, sedation and et cetera.

2 days ago: 5.30am, my nurse informed me a gravida 4 patient presented in active labour , os 8cm, with CTG showing bradycardia. Attended immediately - CTG showing variable decelerations. Looked like second stage changes. Liquour clear. Discussed with Manjung Obstetric MO - risk of delivering in ambulance in view of 8cm, most likely head compression related decelerations. 2 hours later, baby born uneventfully. Apgar score - 9/10.

1 day ago: Morning ward round. Child looks active, crying out loud. Colour not very nice. Mild respiration. I said, "Nurse, let's check the Sp02. We'll discharge only after making sure the saturation's good."

Baby under warmer - saturation - 80% under room air. "Put under head box" Saturation - 75-80%. Give nasal prong - 80%. Bag! - 83%.
"We'll send this baby to Ipoh".

Paeds MO: You sure no need to tube the child at this moment?
Tauke: Still active. Moderate subcostal recession. Sp02 - 80%. Pink.

Chest X-ray: Extensive opacity at the left lung. " You sure it's not a thymic shadow?" "Unlikely,it is too well demarcated"

Could it be MAS? Crap, the baby was vigorous at birth, although there was meconium at the end of the 2nd stage. Crap, should have done direct suction.

15 minutes later, baby nicely packed in incubator. Rapidly breathing - 70bpm. Saturation: 78 - 80% under high flow.

Tauke to Paeds MO: I think I'll tube the baby.

Tauke attempted twice, forgotting about correct sedation for the neonate. Which makes the job tougher. "Er...i can't intubate the baby. I'll send him over now, instead of wasting time?"
"No, you hang on. Get a more senior Mo to intubate. My retrieval team is on the way."

Tauke made third attempt. Successful! Saturation not picking up. 75-80%. Poor chest rise. Extubate, bag, and re-intubate! 80 - 88% not improving. Must be very bad MAS.
Sigh, the paeds team in Ipoh will grill me.

30 minutes later, the revered retrieval paramedic team arrived. Reinforcement has arrived, now please take this baby to the experts. I am at wit's end!

They came and got me reintubate with a bigger tube, did blood gas analysis - low PCo2 and low P02. Doctor how, they asked. I almost forgot, ventilator setting - conveniently left behind. Dug deep in my head, reduce rate, and increase Fio2. Not helping. What? you want to wait another 30 minutes and repeat ABG? Are we dangerously wasting time? Baby not really that well sedated, even on maximum morphine.

15 minutes later, repeat CXR post intubation. No more opacity in the left lung! It was thymic shadow after all!!! Heart enlarged? There was no murmur. The retrieval team and I are in agreement. This is the heart all along! That's why the saturation's no good. This is most likely CHD - and most likely TGA.
Please send la.

Baby and mother on the reliable retrieval ambulance to Ipoh. Tauke heaved a sigh of relief, and keep thinking whether he should have picked up the problem at birth, and whether he missed an MAS at birth. And was disappointed that he was shaky at intubation, and forgot the anchoring length and the sedation dosage, with poor assessment of the hydration and perfusion.

Today: Though embarassed, made a call to NICU Ipoh - to know the current diagnosis.
Keeping my finger's crossed that it would be a heart problem, because if it's MAS - then it is due to a defect in my neonate assessment.

"Hello, sorry for disturbing. I'm Foo of Changkat Melintang. May I know the current diagnosis of the baby I sent yesterday?"

"It's TGA. Balloon septostomy done yesterday. Ventilated on low settings. IJN referral soon."

Told my nurses, everyone was relieved.

Glad the child is stable. I could have missed it and let the baby go home, and most probably will come back lifeless or severely blue. Thank God the PDA hadn't closed.

Glad it was not MAS.

The tauke will re-read the NRP book, the protocols and open the Gomella. Still thinking twice whether I should aim for a move to Paeds in Ipoh. Anyway, this is meant to be a contemplation in secret.

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Saturday, August 02, 2008  

found from rights2write.wordpress.com

PUSRAWI Press Conference.. a bigger blunder

July 31, 2008 by drrafick

I refer to the various media statement that is related to the press conference that was held by the management of PUSRAWI on the 30 July 2007 with regards to Dr Mohd Osman medical notes that was made public by Malaysia Today

First of all, I am appalled by the way the information was released at the press conference. It shows very weak PR skills on the part of PUSRAWI. It also creates more speculations in eyes of the public. It further erodes peoples trust in the medical system.

With due respect to PUSRAWI management, I believe it would have been wise for PUSRAWI to issue a written media statement than an oral statement. In the statement, it should have addressed the issues. I would have done differently. For e.g. I will include the following facts

1. The circulated Medical notes are an exact duplication of what is in the possession of PUSRAWI medical record office. By saying these, there will be no issue of speculating “..looks like original but..” giving an impression it is another lingam-gate. The hospital authorities must commit that the duplicate copy is the same as the original and was released without the authorization of the hospital and the patient.

2. The hospital should have said that the patient came with a presenting complain of Tenesmus and explain the meaning of the word, which is “a distressing but ineffectual urge to evacuate the rectum”. He was seen initially by a lady doctor but after realising the nature of the complain, she felt it is best handled by a male colleague. Hence she decided to pass the case to Dr Mohamed Osman.

3. Dr Mohamed Osman did a minimal general examination, which is consistent with the practice of any outpatient department. The hospital should have explained in detail on how PR examination is done usually and what actually Dr Osman did. Based on the notes, I believed Dr Osman did an external physical examination of the anus, which is the first step in a PR examination.

4. After listening to the medical history of the patient and examine the patient, the doctor had advice the patient to seek specialist opinion in HKL as he is only a medical officer. The hospital must explain the diagnosis of Dr Mohd Osman where it was written “TRO Sodomy” which means basically that sodomy cannot be confirmed and further assessment and investigation is required.

5. One of The right thing the hospital did was not to bring Dr Mohd Osman to the PC. This would have been far too stressful for him to handle. The existing media highlight is already too embarrassing. It would make no sense to aggravate it further.

6. The hospital should not have said that the examination done was not related to sodomy. This is really painful for anyone to read. Even I felt bad reading it. This statement is wrong. This really makes things looks bad. He should have said that the patient was inspected externally at the entrance of the anus and no detail assessment was done.

7. The hospital must also make a commitment that the medical notes is a legal document that it can be used for any court case if requested by any parties under the requirement of the law. It is not a medical report but the doctor medical notes.

In my view the hospital makes a major blunder where it actually creates more opportunity for story spinners to spin. In a small way, it has failed to protect the image of the hospital and the doctors. I suppose, they do not have much experience in handling this kind of PC. They should have brought in the Public Relation expert. Indeed, it is a sad day for the medical fraternity.

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