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Wednesday, November 19, 2008  

A doctor's wish list for the government

Dear Government of Malaysia,

We need more ambulances that do not break down at the worst times, not another Angkasawan.

We need more specialists not more Angkasawan, so that I do not need to send a dying patient in an unfit ambulance to a specialist hospital.

We need more CT scan machines not more Angkasawan, so that my unconscious patient with a stroke or bleeding brain do not need to be put in an unreliable ambulance for CT scan far, far away.

We need a new Sabah state Hospital, not another stupid Angkasawan, so that the dying patients and the sick and maimed, would not risk having the ceiling fall on them.

We need so much more, of things very basic yet vital, please do not use public funds for some fireworks, or silly pandering and syiok-sendiri projects.

Government of Malaysia, please wake up and improve, or another party can do your job.

You can start improving by scrapping your stupid Angkasawan project, and start buying more ambulance and CT Scans, and train more specialists.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008  

You and I will never walk alone !

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Sunday, November 09, 2008  

How do Doctors think?

There were times when I got frustrated and succumbed to bad temper, and raised my voice when talking to my patients, nurses and other support staff - I wish they understood why I got angry, and basically how I think.

From a certain angle, every patient I see in the casualty is like a final year exam question - assess, stabilise, establish a diagnosis, and proceed with treatment.

The problem is that half the cases we see present with very undifferentiated, vague signs and symptoms, and even more confounding lab investigation results. No CPGs, no statistics or knowledge of the entire Harrison, Bailey's, or Nelson's would help. Nothing but merely clinical experience, a tinge of luck and prayer, and basically a good guess.

So how do we doctors actually think? I found this good book, that I will finish reading before the end of the month. It is selling for a good price of RM 27.60 in Borders, 15% off if you use Citibank credit card.

As a dictict hospital MO, I find myself asking these questions in every patient that I see:-

1) Young (cannot, should not die) or Old (can, may die)?
2) Stable or unstable (ABC compromised)?
3) To refer to Ipoh or can stay in ward?
4) Admit or not to admit?
5) Patient want to admit or not? Patient worried or nonchalant?
6) Educated or illiterate?
7) Ward full or empty?
6) If airway compromised - to intubate (all out resuscitation) or not (conservative)?

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008  

Obama Wins : What it means to Fooji - a Malaysian

Hey guys, you all may wonder - why is Fooji so excited about the whole thing? It is not your country, but you even took leave to witness the Obama election live on TV, and then you sent so SMSs to so many friends telling them about the victory.

If you guys had not noticed, planet Earth as an entity has a future almost seemingly to be doomed. We do not need the Bible revelations to remind us of a gloom and doom in the end of times, the way Bush and friends run this world, and closer to home, how our UMNO warlords are still singing the same unilateral and uni-racial tunes - the future seemed hopeless.

While many people plan for marriage and having children, my ambitions and optimistic thoughts paused when it comes to raising someone bearing my genes on this world.

Obama, if you had heard him at all, you would be inspired by this man who seemed just like one of us. He started from a humble beginning, and his campaign for the powerful position, is based on the fight for the meek, for the unattended, for the poor, the middle class. He represents the people whom the people in power had not given much thought and dedication to.

He preaches responsible capitalism, with a tinge of socialism which is good. Some Republicans even called him a Marxist, but hey, I find that something reassuring because Obama cares for everyone, and not just leaving everything to a free market which can be cruel and cold.

He gives me hope that someone whose speeches almost perfectly echoes my thoughts, who genuinely cares for ordinary people, human rights, and for a better future for our children, who is the least likeliest of US President based on conventional wisdom - could make it to the position of power.

It gives me hope that there are so many people out there who share with me the ideals and hopes that Obama represented for.

Obama is not the president of my country, but his win is definitely a beacon of hope for the rest of the world, and hopefully, the Obama victory will humble the warlords of UMNO that race and conservative ideology should not be the ultimate doctrine for eternity.

I thank the people of the USA for showing us the way, for giving us hope, after their current President made this planet a much more miserable place than 8 years ago.

To the neo-conservatives, please give a thought and opportunity for this black President. Do not be so proud and stubborn of your stand.

May God bless the USA, the President-elect Obama, and all of us. Amen.

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I want to congratulate The United States of America.

You, truly a model nation, has inspired the rest of the world, that everything is possible. God is good, and may God bless your country and your new President.

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